Thursday, March 08, 2007

2 sleeps to go

Wednesday Total: 6.4k
Week Total: 21.8k
Month Total: 47k
Year Total: 651.2k

Time: 39.20min
Av pace: 6.05min/km
AHR:134 ; MHR:156
Av Temp: 13*c (6am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 87.8%
Wind Spd Avg: 3.7kph (E)
Started with:Mama - My Chemical Romance
Finished with:Take Your Mama - Scissor Sisters

It wasn't until I started running Wednesday morning that I discovered I had a tight right hamstring/glute. Fortunately I was having a massage at lunchtime. So it was a very easy slow jog around the 'burbs. That's it for running now until Saturday morning.

The massage was mmmmmmmmarvellous - it occurred to me that I really should have these more often than I do!

By late afternoon a pounding headache had developed that got worse as the evening wore on. Italian class is difficult as it is without having to compete with a pounding head. So unfortunately I had to bail out of the dessert and coffee with friends at Beluccis after Italian class. Instead I went home and to bed.

Today, I feel much better.

SFT playlist - Part 3

41. Song 2 – Blur
42. Don’t walk alone – Bob Evans
43. Born to run – Bruce Springsteen
44. Miss murder – AFI
45. O Yeah – End of Fashion
46. Learn to fly – Foo Fighters
47. Take me out – Franz Ferdinand
48. American Idiot – Green Day
49. Minority – Green Day
50. Pieces – Hoobastank
51. The middle – Jimmy Eat World
52. Funky tonight – John Butler Trio
53. Sam's Town – The Killers
54. When you were young – The Killers
55. Coming Undone – Korn
56. Smile – Lily Allen
57. Hit That – Offspring
58. Can’t repeat – Offspring
59. ‘Cuz I can – Pink
60. It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) – R.E.M


Tesso said...

Ah, finally time to put the feet up!

2P said...

I had the same epiphany about massages CJ ;-)

Rest up mate - no need for you to lose nervous energy - you are going to do great.

Jen_runs said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!

You've had a fantastic preparation & will have a SENSATIONAL race. Have fun & enjoy it. Hope we get to catch up before the start

E-Speed said...

I wish I had the cash for a regular massage. As it is I have only ever had 2 in my life. One on my honeymoon, the other in high school. Think maybe I am due for a third? ;)

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend!! You are going to do GREAT. You've trained so hard!!!

And happy belated birthday!!

iliketoast said...

Have a great race.

Ewen said...

Glad you're feeling better CJ. That was a worry.

Sperare di venire a contatto di dall'altro lato del fiume. Buona fortuna!

Clairie said...

mmmm rest day today. bet that feels even better than the massage!!!!!

Run well mate. We're all cheering for you.