Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lunch with Lulu

L-R: Strewth, Ewen, moi, Lulu, Mr Lulu

The plan was to do my first run post-SFT this morning but you know what happens to even the best laid plans.....yep, sleeping in was a far better option. Besides we had had a big thunderstorm and a very heavy downpour in the early hours of the morning so it was going to be very wet and slippery outside...couldn't afford to have a fall with only 4 weeks until the Canberra marathon. Ok, so I was clutching at straws but I figured I could always do a run in the afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Today we were having lunch with Lulu and Mr Lulu, who were in Canberra for the weekend, getting in some valuable marathon training. It was great to catch up with them over lunch at Tosolini's in Civic and it was a shame it had to come to an end. The good news is that Lulu will be in Canberra a few times over the coming weeks. So I'm sure more catching up will be in order!

I was also shamed into running later today...seems like everyone else at the table had run today except for me...and I couldn't even use SFT as an excuse because Ewen was there! So when I got home I changed into my running gear, including wearing my brand spanking new SFT singlet, and set off on a 16km run.

Saturday Total: 16k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 108k
Year Total: 712.2k

Time: 1hr 34.58min
Av pace: 5.56min/km
AHR: 143; MHR: 191
Av Temp: 21.4*c (4.49pm)
Rel. Humidity Av: 65%
Wind Spd Avg: 24.1kph (ESE)
Started with: Intervention - Arcade Fire
Finished with: From Paris to Berlin - Infernal

The first 5km it was difficult -my calves were in revolt, my glute was complaining and I felt like I was still finishing SFT. By the 10km mark I was slowly getting into my stride though still running very slowly. At least now my calves had accepted that I was running and had given up any ideas of more argy bargy. The last 5km was uneventful.

Well that's my first run out of the way. Hopefully things will be on the improve now *fingers crossed*. Its now been 3hrs since I finished the run and I feel really tired - its actually taken more out of me than I expected. My average heart rate was also slightly higher than usual for an easy run too.

Tomorrow is a rest day.


Jen_runs said...

Glad to hear that you are looking after our lovely Lulu. I've done nothing since Six Foot. Time to stop eating & start running again I think!

Two Fruits said...

Shamed into running! Active recovery, mix it up a bit. Higher heart rate is a sign, be very careful or Canb. marathon may not be on. You could go to Qld in late May for an event with a 50 in it.

iliketoast said...

You're on your way. I bet you were the best looking one out there with a 6ft Shirt on.

Ewen said...

I can get used to 2 hour lunches. Well done on the 16k. The higher HR is just a little lost fitness due to the taper/recovery. Don't panic!

Il dessert mancante aiuterà la vostra maratona de Canberra!

Tesso said...

Have to agree with Two Fruits (and that guy from Hill St Blues) - let's be careful out there.

And if you come to Qld in May forget the silly 50k thing, do Warwick Pentath-Run!

2P said...

Finally you did a run I could've kept up with you on :-)

Good to see you break in that Six Foot singlet CJ - well done mate.

Lulu said...

Great to see you Sat and I'm glad you got out for your run. Looking forward to seeing you again v. soon.

Runner Susan said...

two hour lunches? Can I move to down there and live with you guys?

Clairie said...

Take it easy CJ in coming back. Listen to your body.

Not everyone can bounce back like others after a hard run, and not everyone will be keen to run a good race at Canberra.

For the next week make sure all your runs are easy flat runs - keep avoiding the hills. Canberra doesn't have them (the marathon that is) so you won't need to train on them and heading for them now will remind your legs of the agony of 6ft.

I am so looking forward to sharing some chocolate with you after Canberra so want to make sure we have something to celebrate - so avoid the injuries over the next few weeks.

Keep up the massages and run daily but short flat slow distances just for one more week. Then you can start the taper and throw in some quality sessions but you won't need to do anything more than 25k after this weekend.