Friday, March 16, 2007

Every picture tells a story......

First of all - thanks so much for all your lovely comments *blushing* - they were really appreciated.

I have to say these photos are a hoot - the look on my face when crossing the river is a classic. Lots of people did comment on the colour scheme!

Going down Nellies Glen - I was thinking "never again!" at this stage.

Thoughts at this stage - "Oh gawd....don't slip - can't get the ipod wet!"

"Not long now........"

It's been almost a week since I did SFT - in that time I've not run (a physical impossibility for the first couple of days), had a massage (mmmmm), had early nights, gone back to work (78 days until I go on long service leave!), and had coffee with friends. I've not really overindulged in chocolate (except for the post-event dinner where I had 3 desserts - chocolate flan, chocolate mouse and pavlova), mainly because I still have Canberra marathon to do.

Now I've got to get back into training for Canberra marathon and this is unknown territory for me ie doing 2 marathons in 5 weeks. Do I just pick up where I left off with the marathon program I was sort-of following (without the addition of SFT hill training), do I do any more long runs or do I focus on shorter faster running? I have absolutely no idea so any ideas, experiences, anything anyone can tell me -please feel free. HELP!

I'm going to do my first post-SFT run tomorrow - probably a shortish run, 10km?


Lulu said...

Those pics are great! You look like you're playing aeroplanes as you cross the river! Can't help you on the training I'm afraid but why don't you post the question on CR. I'm sure you'd get lots of ideas from there.

iliketoast said...

Really great photos .... I find a reverse Tape is the way to go back from a Marathon ... so it will be Reverse Taper and then Taper again ... one long run in the middle .... maintain intensity, keep it quick but not so long so your recovery is best ... more massage and lots of protein wouldn't hurt

2P said...

Well - you certainly weren't going to get lost in the bush so no one could find you huh?

Were it me I'd quit the hills, do some longer speedwork i.e. 2k and 1k repeats and chuck in a 10k race or TT 2 weeks out and a couple of long runs along the way to keep the endurance up.

Good luck with it CJ.

speedygeoff said...

Great run, you're a champ.

The comments so far are all good. Hills no longer required. Nothing at all short and fast while there is any residual soreness. Long slow runs are what the doctor orders for now, in fact are essential, with water / massage recovery.

Reverse taper/taper exactly right. One long fast run in the middle is perfect. Feeling good after that, don't need any panicky speedwork to get fast, but longer faster intervals with more easy days is good during the taper.

Ewen said...

Good shot of the knee! Next year I want Jen-like smiles.

Geoff is on the money. You need to be conservative. I did both a couple of years ago and didn't run well in Canberra.

Keep fairly conservative this next week. 10-15k slow might be OK tomorrow. I'd do a semi-long negative-split easy run on the 24th - perhaps 24k, and a long faster run on the 31st - up to 34k. Keep them flatish though. Mid-week runs could be 'just off' marathon goal pace - perhaps 5 minute ks for 12-14k or so. Other days, very easy.

Robert Song said...

A tremendous run CJ at 6Ft.

With your current endurance levels and strength, I am once again expecting you to power past me again in the final stages of Canberra this year.

Rae said...

Wow!!! The pics really tell the story!!!