Friday, March 30, 2007

One step forward, one step back……

Thursday Total: 6.8k
Week Total: 6.8k
Month Total: 167.3k
Year Total: 771.5k

Time: 39.14min
Av pace: 5.44min/km
AHR: 142; MHR: 165
Started with: Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
Finished with: Addicted to Bass – Puretone

My sore throat got progressively worse from Sunday and I ended up having Monday and Tuesday off from work – it hurt to talk and swallow. So, no running until Thursday.

In the meantime I have been to the physio once about my sore glute (pain in the butt) and I go back again today, plus I had a massage yesterday (next one due three days out from the marathon).

Helped out at Track last night – measuring for the long jump and triple jump (new experience for me). I managed to see a bit of the 5,000m championships.

Tomorrow: last long run, at the Cotter.


Two Fruits said...

Loved the drunken cats, are you ready for the Cotter?

Tesso said...

Take care CJ and get over that throat thing properly. You have an appointment with 42.2k in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the 'Addicted to Base' reminder. I haven't heard that song in ages.

Ewen said...

Tomorrow it'll be one step up and one step down ;)

If you still have any sign of sickness, you should let Steve and the guns go off, and stay with us slow runners.

IHateToast said...

aw, my little phlegmbotpusspuss. will be looking forward to hearing your kim carnes impersonation at canberra.

but for some reason, your post's title got that tune (one toke over the line) going through my head.