Friday, May 25, 2007

When you know you need a holiday.......

Friday Total: 6.2k
Week Total: 33.2k
Month Total: 168.5k
Year Total: 1110.7k

Time: 31.08min
Av pace: 4.57min/km
Av Temp: 3.4*c (7.46am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 87.1%
Wind Spd Avg: 3.7kph (E)
Started with: Plastic loveless letter - Magic Dirt
Finished with: Addicted to bass - Puretone

But first, today's workout sans ugg boots - an upper body gym workout, core strengthening and stability exercises plus an interval run outdoors. There was a sprinkling of frost on the ground this morning plus it was freezing. I keep telling myself that in just over a week I will be wearing summer clothes again.

Some signs that tell me I need a holiday:
* heading out for a run still wearing ugg boots (Wednesday)
* spilling coffee over my section manager's paperwork before a meeting (yesterday)
* and this morning's effort - putting berocca in my green tea.....

"Cat-Poo Coffee"
And changing the subject, I read an article in the paper the other day about the world's most expensive 'coffee' (@ $50 a cup) - Luwak coffee or kopi luwak. It is made from beans that have been eaten, partly digested then excreted by a small cat-like marsupial called the luwak or Asian palm civet.

The digestive juices in the luwak's stomach remove the bitterness associated with some types of normally processed coffees. Apparently, "people who willingly pay the $50 are uplifted by the thrill of the experience". Customers are rewarded with a 'certificate of experience', dated and witnessed. Comments have been "99% favourable" and include the following, "It's as good as my private life is bad. This is the kind of coffee you renounce your religion and sell your child for." Apparently its only available in Australia at the Heritage Tea Rooms in the Hervey Range, west of Townsville. Hmmm, don't know about paying $50 a cup though......


Ewen said...

Quello รจ oltre 30 euro! Potreste vendere la vostra figlia per a tale proposito.

Lulu said...

I don't think you'll need that when you're in Italy. Some bars sell it for 80 euro cents.

Glad to hear the Ugg boots have been staying at home.

iliketoast said...

this is coffee that Katy has told me about .... it hasn't occurred to me to think for one second ... "Why does she know this?" .... there is probably some rare chocolate with a similar weird story ... hang on i'll ask her ...... she says she doesn't think so ... all clear!