Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Tale of Two Runs

Sunday (1) Total: 9.8k
Week Total: 43k
Month Total: 178.3k
Year Total: 1120.5k

Time: 57.15min
Av pace: 5.49min/km
Av Temp: 1.2*c (6.35am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 100%
Wind Spd Avg: 1.6kph (NNE)
Started with: Wake Up - The Living End
Finished with: Good People - Jack Johnson

I decided to split my long run into two runs - a slow run early in the morning, followed by the monthly vets run at Oakey Hill. What I hadn't quite anticipated was how chilly it would be this morning - it was a cold 1.2*c when I headed out. However I lost myself in my music and before I knew it I was home again, looking to have breakfast before part 2 of my long run.

Sunday (2) Total: 7.5k
Week Total: 50.5k
Month Total: 185.8k
Year Total: 1128k

Time: 35.52min
Av pace: 4.47min/km
Starting group: 36
Finishing place: 77
Av Temp: 8.2*c (9.30am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 83.6%
Wind Spd Avg: 0.5kph (E)

It had warmed up by the time of my next run, though it was still chilly in the shade. Strewth picked me up and I navigated to the Oakey Hill run, down at Woden. I was familiar with this run as I run most of the course on Wednesday mornings. The big difference was that I usually run it at a far more sedate pace. I was in group 36 along with guys who run a helluva lot faster than I do, even when I'm at my fittest. Naturally when it was our time to start they all took off and left me in a cloud of dust and I never sighted them again! Not only that but then the guys in groups starting behind me flew past at regular intervals, including Steve who had run in the GH80 the week before, not that you would have known, the way he was running. Very cruisy. I eventually did start passing people, probably around the halfway mark, and then passed Strewth not too far from the finish! hehehehe!

8 sleeps to go.....!!!!!


iliketoast said...

my feet go numb when it's that cold .... it feels weird

Tesso said...

Hey, that sounds like what we have to do at Warwick. Maybe you should make the journey up next year. Warwick is almost as exciting as Italy.

Two Fruits said...

I was only cruising the downhill, the fast guys in my group also ran away from me from the start.That happens with being a good runner, you would have the last female to start, that's good.

speedygeoff said...

Treat the birthday girl with respect please, she is so much older than you!