Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So far, so good.....

Wednesday Total: 10k
Week Total: 16k
Month Total: 55k
Year Total: 997.2k

Time: 59.23min
Av pace: 5.52min/km
Av Temp: 12.7*c (7am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 90.7%
Wind Spd Avg: 4.3kph (SE)
Started with: Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Finished with: Spare Me the Details - Offspring

This morning I drove to Woden early and ran part of the BBQ Stakes course - the reverse start and Oakey Hill part of the course. Aside from the hills it was a pleasant run and a great way to start the fact, it was the best part of the day, but I'll spare you the details!!!!

CJ/TJ/BB and rescuing daughters - what is with all this?!

And Tesso, I wish I had snuck off to Italy but there are still 25 days before we fly out: Destination Singapore....then Italy with Mr CJ and 2 very good friends, Strewth and Mr B. Woo hoo! Can't wait! Amalfi Coast here we come! (and Rome and Umbria and Tuscany and Cinque Terre and Lucca and Civitavecchia)

Katy, I'm already wearing tights for early morning running but I might just hold off on the gogo boots and cape until it gets colder..and darker!!!


iliketoast said...

tights and go go boots ... the black knight is in for a treat

Two Fruits said...

TJ is now chasing the new gay guy, Nick, and any other male. Such a show off. Probably stay until the end. I say leave her in there to make a real fool of herself. Did you know she now lives in Darwin? How proud they must be of her!! Glad you're running again,only 2.8km to go to the next milestone.

Tesso said...

I think you should have taught TJ to run, that way she might have a better chance of catching the guys.

Ewen said...

CJ, your daughter is giving you a bad name! No need to rescue her, she'll be out this week, along with Zoran. Bodie gets the sympathy vote because your daughter is playing games with him.