Saturday, April 21, 2007

What now?

*Christy asked who made my pink top. Christy, its from the Cannibal range - they make triathlon gear. I bought it a couple of years ago during my triathlon phase. I 'm always on the lookout for bright running tops - don't like bland pastels...blech*

Saturday Total: 6k
Week Total: 6k
Month Total: 117.3k
Year Total: 917.4k

Time: 33.33min
Av pace: 5.35min/km
Av Temp: 19.8*c (11.48am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 51.2%
Wind Spd Avg: 5.6kph (NW)
Started with: Coming Undone - Korn
Finished with: Round & Round - Bodyrockers

This was my first run since the marathon. Not that I've been doing nothing....I have done 3 x 6km walks during the week at what is a brisk pace for me (I am better known for dawdling). The run today was okay - nothing spectacular but then again not awful either. My right hamstring still feels a little tender so I'm not going to push it - short runs are better than nothing. Not only that but I had to have a nap a couple of hours later - I was knackered! So I'm still physically tired as well.

So what now? So far this year I have run SFT and the Canberra Marathon. Because I haven't been running this week I have had time to think about what other events I would like to do this year.

The Canberra Half marathon is a possibility but as it is only 3 weeks away I won't commit until closer to the day.

Then I am away for 6 weeks - all of June and half of July. I get back 10 days before the Bush Capital 16km or 25km - might be a bit too soon.

The Noosa half marathon might be a goer - 19th August, and it would be good to catch up with some Qld buddies (and I'm still on long service leave).

Otherwise there is the vets half marathon the following week - 26 August.

The Canberra Times 10km fun run is in September - tho' I have to admit this is not my favourite event; I find it boring.

The Brindabella Classic is in October (21st) - I would like to have a go at this after having done Bulls Head Challenge the last couple of years. Its 54km, mostly downhill tho' there are uphills as well.

And the goal for next year's Canberra marathon is 3hr 20min - there I've said it.

Some new songs for my ipod:
Park Benches - Belles Will Ring
Black Mirror - Arcade Fire
Keep the Car Running - Arcade Fire
Who Cares What the Question Is - The Bees
Lines on Palms - Josh Pike
On Call - Kings of Leon


strewth said...

Hi CJ - your photos are great - you look amazing in every single one! I see you did your first run today - me too only my run was considerably slower - glad I avoided the Cotter today! See you soon.

Black Knight said...

Congrats for the wonderful marathon! You look fast and in perfect shape.

Ewen said...

You ran at 11.48am? That's coffee time!

Canberra Times might be boring, but you'll run a 10k PB - 42-something maybe.

Only 3:20 for Canberra? I thought you'd go for at least 3:19:59.

2P said...

I don't really consider ut a running top unless it looks like it has been coloured in with a highlight pen ;-)

Good to see you up and about CJ - nice recovery.

Lulu said...

Lots of options there and you'll be able to do some training while you are away I'm sure.

Tesso said...

Noosa - yeeehaaa!!!! Coffee at Aromas on Hastings St :-)

Did you see Josh Pyke on Rockwiz the night before Canberra Marathon? I taped it and watched it today. He's a pretty cool dude. And what a great duet he did with Neko Case.

IHateToast said...

noosa is a must. it's the new black.