Thursday, April 19, 2007

And there's more..........

Marathon splits:

5km - 24.37min
10km - 48.20min
15km - 1hr 11.45min
20km - 1hr 35.19min
25km - 1hr 58.52min
30km - 2hr 22.47min
35km - 2hr 47.49min
40km - 3hr 13.39min
42.2km - 3hr 27.59min

I like this one - I look like a runner!

Not sure where or when tho that's coke in my bottle so it has to be anywhere from 35km on

The End (I promise)


iliketoast said...

you're photos look great ... i can't believe i missed you out on the course

Tesso said...

I reckon Toasty must be the only one who missed the lady in pink. And its his favourite colour.

Nice splits, not much second half slippage there at all.

Hilda said...

No! keep putting more photos, you look so great!!

Friar said...


I have sent a private e-mail about the photos.

Please read promptly!!

christy said...

I just LOVE your top...who makes it???????

Ewen said...

The photos make your 'largeness' look much smaller.

Gee, if I tapered, I could almost keep up with you on that 35 to 40k split.

IHateToast said...


and look at your face. such tude.

E-Speed said...

awesoem job out there and awesome photos!