Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A little chilly this morning

M minus 4

Wednesday Total: 8.3k
Week Total: 18.3k
Month Total: 63.1k
Year Total: 863.2k

Time: 45min
Av pace: 5.25min/km
AHR: 143; MHR: 169
Av Temp: 6.6*c (5.34am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 81.4%
Wind Spd Avg: 1.1kph (ENE)
Started with: All the small things - Blink 182
Finished with: Learn to fly - Foo Fighters

It was a bit chilly this morning as I headed out for my run dressed in a short sleeved top and shorts. Time to pull out the long sleeved tops and tights for very early morning runs methinks. I'm enjoying these short runs - shame I have to spoil it with a 3++hour run on Sunday ;-)

Forecast for Sunday is "mostly sunny; min 9*c; max 25*c" - so far, so good.


Two Fruits said...

Short runs are for tapering and recovery. Get the marathon out of the way and then get back to the real stuff,gravel,hills,mountains and distance.Smell the bush listen to the birds,watch out for wildlife and get away from the city noise. Have a good run Sunday

Tesso said...

6.6 degrees - yikes!!!!!

"Learn To Fly" .... be good if we could do just that by Sunday :-)

TA and the Gnome said...

Just want to wish you all the best for Sunday. Enjoy it.


Ewen said...

If you don't want to spoil it, run fast and do a 2++ hour run on Sunday ;)

Non è freddo, esso è caldo!

iliketoast said...

cold weather makes the coffee taste better ..... that's all i could think of from a positive perspective