Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Lady in

3 days since the marathon and how am I feeling you ask?
Actually not too bad. I had a massage yesterday and yes, there are some tender spots but I have no problems walking, going up and down steps does not present a challenge, getting up or sitting down is easy peasy.
Tiredness is my biggest issue - I just feel so tired. However I am sure that will wear off soon and "I'll be back" *in my best Terminator accent*!

My placings in the marathon:

Overall place: 244 (of 940 finishers)
Marathon veterans: 3rd in age group
Australian Masters Athletics Marathon Championships: 1st in age group (obviously I was the only one who ticked the box!)

What really impressed me were the times for Tina Torpy, a 62y.o woman:
marathon: 3hr 30.19min
50km: 4hr 13.32min

15km - trying to stay in front of the white balloon!
Photo courtesy of John Kennedy

30km - have shaken off the white balloon and still feeling good!
Photo courtesy of John Kennedy

Photo courtesy of Chris Lang

Yep, I'm happy! Now where's that coffee?!
Photo courtesy of Chris Lang


Tesso said...

Congrats on the podium finishes CJ!

Great pics by the way. Now we need some of your new bling :-)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Congrats on a great race, CJ. That's sweet time. :) Ditto on the nice pics. Mine always come out with my feet doing weird things.

I'd say if you are walking front-ways down stairs after three days, then you are definately doing well. I had the backwards stair thing for a long time.

Two Fruits said...

Looking great as ever,a smiling face in each pic.You did stand out in the crowd in pink. The "I'll be back" can take it's time. Well done!

ihatetoast said...

i file you under the runners who never looked like they were dying. just running 5k. a few 5k. oh, let's say 8 of them, but you were always chirpy.

and i could see your pink from far away and i'd get all excited and perky. HERE COMES CJ!

i'm so easy.

Lulu said...

Great pics and always smiling. Hope the tiredness passes soon. In the meantime keep up the chocolate intake. You need the anti-oxidants.

Hilda said...

You should be enjoying that kind of tiredness, well sorry not when working ;P

Great photos, you look so athletic!
I like the one when it looks like how you are passing many men, go woman.

Thanks for including that inspiring mark of the 62 lady, that is awesome, that gives me hope...

2P said...

Nice pics and congrats on the results CJ - glad to hear you are recovering well.

IHateToast said...

oh, by the way...

photo #2? HOT LEGS!

IHateToast said...

looking forward to when you come up our way next ... you deserved it .... the coffee

iliketoast said...

oops .... wrong account ... although i think Katy would agree on both points

Ewen said...

ihatetoast, they're better from behind (always my view).

Corridori di marche di colore rosa i grandi sembrano piccoli!