Monday, February 12, 2007

The 'I' word

No, its not 'injury'.

Not 'illness'.

Try 'infection'.

I thought I was over the fall last Wednesday with just some impressive scabs to show for it. I had been running pretty well since the fall - 10km on Friday, 35km on Saturday.

But then it started.....the redness, the heat, the stiffness when moving, the feeling that the knee was ten times the size it was, and by evening most nights it was looking rather larger than normal. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that maybe things weren't all that hunky dorey with the knee.

Finally. This morning. I made the decision. I made an appointment with the doctor, admitting that something was wrong. That I wasn't feeling 100%. Sometimes I'm stubborn bordering on stupid.

The diagnosis was obvious - infection. Solution - antibiotics. Running? Well he does know me rather well and he is an ex-runner so he relented - no running the cross country event tomorrow (bugger) but maybe I can run the Mt Tennent event on Sunday.

So Strewth and Ewen and anyone else out there - you can feel sorry for me this time! I need sympathy!


Tesso said...

You've got my sympathy :-(

Listen to the good doctor though and take care. A couple of days off won't do you any harm.

I'm sure the anti-oxidents in dark chocolate will speed up the healing process.

strewth said...

Ok ok I relent - you have my sympathy but did you ever ever soak that knee in a bath - hmmmm? Ease off for a couple of days, dose up, follow tesso's advice and eat chocolate. By Sunday those antibiotics will certainly have kicked in so that you can run another crazy mountain!! Oh and you can eat choccie with LL on Wed after Italian :)

Ewen said...

Nah, you'll have to do better than that.

OK then, 'I' feel sorry for your stupidity in not getting it checked earlier.

I'm saving the real sympathy in case you 'splat' at 6', get lost, bitten by a red belly black, or are washed away in the Cox's River.

2P said...

Mate I'm coming down to Canberra next week - I will bring a big roll of bubble plastic for you to wrap yourself in!

Take it easy CJ - you want to make sure that wound has healed over by March 10 - given that the Lithgow Sewerage works empties into the Coxs upstream and the amount of coliforms and E. coli in the water - you could lose the leg...

IHateToast said...

i know what you're talking about. if you want, i can help. i have to give omo antibiotics. i can just come over, hold your mouth with one hand, open the jaw with the other and shove a big pill down your throat, massage it to make you swallow it, then reward you with some sardines. just say when.

see what happens when you don't let me squirt you with iodine?

Friar said...

We think we're invincible of course, and we think minor injuries can be overcome with time.

I sympathise with your knees, and hope your antibiotics fix you quickly.

Lulu said...

You definitely have my sympathy. I'm sure it will all be fixed up by the 10th!

I'm dog sitting at the moment and had to give him some anti biotics. I found it slipped down nicely when disguised in some ice cream. Maybe you should try the same thing!

Tuggeranong Don said...

You've got my sympathy too....and great to see Ewen and 2P are so positive about your destiny at 6 foot!!

Copious medicinal doses of chocolate and caffeine should fix the leg as much as anything the doctors will give you.

And what's this thing with "Italian". Strewth did mention it to me at the Sprint Marathon - is that a new running style?