Sunday, February 18, 2007

La montagna

Sunday Total: 19.5k
Week Total: 60.6k
Month Total: 198.1k
Year Total: 504.9k

Time: 1hr 59.58min
Av pace: 6.08min/km
AHR: 168; MHR: 224
Av Temp: 21.6*c (8.30am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 62.9%
Wind Spd Avg: 8.6kph (S)
Started with: Smile - Lily Allen
Finished with: Stinkfist - Tool

Today was the Mt Tennent trail runs including the King and Queen of the Mountain. There were 3 events: 6.5km ascent (680m gain) with the finish at the summit; an up and back 13kms; and the one I did which was the up and back 19kms, including Bushfold Flats. The only other time I had run/walked Mt Tennent was on 20 January and that was 30.7km of bloody hard work, and a lot of walking. My only goal for today was to run the whole 19km, including the 6.5km ascent - I didn't care how slow or how long it would take but I wanted to be able to run the entire way.

The start is downhill, followed by a climb through a gate,and then it was uphill to the first drink station before heading up the fire trail to the summit. Quite a few took off after the start, and some I wouldn't see again unless we passed on an out and back section (I was heading out - they were coming back!) but others I managed to rein in through my slow and steady tactic. I didn't run anyone else's race but my own today and my only goal was just to keep running. Up, up and up - I gradually passed people though I knew some of them would pass me again on the descent. The feeling when I made it to the top was amazing - anything after this was going to be a piece of cake!

I was super careful running downhill mainly because I didn't want to slip and fall again. Three people did pass me but I managed to catch two of them a little later and the third runner was only doing the 13km. The Bushfold Flats part of the course was undulating, grassy and out in the open. Heading out to the turn around was okay - I didn't mind it - it made a change from running uphill. But the return trip seemed to go on forever. I was glad when I made it back to the fire trails and the drink station for one last drink before heading back to the finish. First there were downhills - some quite steep, then a climb back through the gate, and then the cruellest thing of all - a steep uphill climb back to the finish line. At the gate i realised I could finish the run under 2hrs...maybe. So that was my goal. Part way up the climb I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen but with the encouragement of people at the finish I just scraped in! Second goal accomplished!

I was third woman to finish in the 19km event and the prize was:

How cool is that!


Two Fruits said...

Just a mountain running machine, well done today. Good we didn't eat the bunny on the way home, so cute.

IHateToast said...

see, i think this medal thing is stupid. wouldn't the olympics be much better if people got perhaps dark, milk and white chocolate medallions or bunnies or mascot? you're still the fastest, no glory lost, but let's crack open a bunny.

iliketoast said...

Bunny would not make it home if I had won it.

Ewen said...

Sì, quella è una montagna! Sono felice che potevate allo sprint tutto il senso alla parte superiore. Sì, quello è freddo. Se ripartite l'uovo di Pasqua con i vostri amici, non ingrasserete.

Tesso said...

Another great hilly run in the bank there CJ. Sooooo, are you going to taper?

Ha ha, I just translated Ewen's comment :-)

Jen_runs said...

You ran that??

Wow! CJ, you are going to blitz Six Foot :-)

How nice of them to give a trophy that won't need dusting ;-)

Tuggeranong Don said...

I'm in awe! I almost live in the shadow of Mt Tennent and look at that monstrosity every day. I can't believe some people actually run up the thing. And I think I would want more than a cute bunny for running it. Well done.

Lulu said...

Good prize and great mountain running. I'm sure you'll be grateful of that race in a few weeks time.

strewth said...

Well done CJ - champion indeed - chocolate bunnies are the best. You can look at it longingly on the shelf until after the 6' - no nibbling on its ears in the meantime!!

Rae said...

Mmmmm! Now that's the kind of prize I'd like!! Congrats on a GREAT race!!

Anonymous said...

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