Saturday, February 10, 2007

I heard a rumour.........

......that KokoBlack is coming to Canberra in May!

It has been a bit of a chocolate/coffee overload this weekend - Tiramisu to die for and hot chocolate that has to be eaten with a spoon at Mezzalire Italian restaurant Friday evening; two cappuccinos when I had lunch with Jen, Strewth and Ewen today (and not counting the ones I had with Mr CJ in the morning); and then tonight I made French-Toasted Chocolate and Banana Sandwiches for dessert.

So its probably fortunate that I ran 35km this morning! But first things first; lets backtrack to Friday morning and my 10km run........

Friday Total: 10.3k
Week Total: 59.7k
Month Total: 102.5k
Year Total: 409.3k

Time: 54.14min
Av pace: 5.14min/km
AHR: 152; MHR: 183
Av Temp: 16*c (5.47am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 67.8%
Wind Spd Avg: 14.8kph (SSE)
Started with: I like the way - Bodyrockers
Finished with: Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani and Eve

It was my first run since the fall and while my knee was stiff and a bit tender to begin with, I soon managed to get into my stride and it felt so much better. In fact I experience more pain when I sit around and then get up to walk -everything has stiffened up and I hobble around like an old woman until the knee frees up. Mind you, there's not a problem with my knee - its the all the scabby bits that are tender.

Saturday Total: 35k
Week Total: 94.7k
Month Total: 137.5k
Year Total: 444.3k

Time: 3hr 27.23min
Av pace: 5.55min/km
AHR: 148; MHR: 191
Av Temp: 18*c (5.54am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 75.5%
Wind Spd Avg: 11.6kph (SSW)
Started with: Shut Up - Simple Plan
Finished with: Bad Habit - Offspring

I had the light and sound show this morning, as well as getting drenched. The rain started as i headed up Springvale Dve and then the thunder and lightning started once I reached the top. I briefly considered turning around and heading home but then thought that by the time I got home the rain, thunder and lightning would have stopped and there was no way I was running back up Springvale Dve again, so I kept on going. And the other option - to do the long run tomorrow was quickly quashed - I was sleeping in tomorrow! So my well thought out plan was to stop at all the underpasses (2) to reconsider, especially when there was lightning and thunder around me!

Eventually the weather settled down, the rain stopped and it became extremely muggy. I was soggy enough from the rain, now the humidity was adding to the sogginess and unfortunately, the chafing. But otherwise, I was thoroughly enjoying the run through Black Mountain nature reserve, exploring new trails. Saw a black wallaby but no kangaroos today.

The plan was to do 30km but as I neared home, still feeling good, I decided to add another 5km. By the time 35km ticked over I was glad to finish.

This afternoon had lunch with Jen, who is down from Penriff for the weekend, Strewth and Ewen, in Civic, at Valentinos Cafe (great coffee, by the way). While we knew the Multicultural Festival was on we hadn't anticipated the number of people who would be in Civic or the number of stalls. It was crowded. It was a great lunch and it was so good to catch up with Jen, who is looking great. The next time we meet will be in a month's time up in the Blue Mts for some little run!

Photos: lunch with Jen, Strewth and Ewen; update on knee; the French-toasted banana and chocolate sandwiches

For those who want to know how the do the snazzy photo widget thing, go here and follow the instructions. Too easy!


iliketoast said...

MAY!!!!!! as in, May after April when the Canberra Marathon is on..... after we have been. There had better be chocolate banana sandwiches is all I can say.

You are just messing with us.

Ewen said...

As we said yesterday, that's the last time we feel sorry for you (until you splat at 6' with 3k to go and have to DNF).

You knee looks like you've spilt chocolate on it!

IHateToast said...


what a rip! there are more chocolate lovers here in SEQ and we deserve it, too.

no more photos of your knee?

Jen_runs said...

It was nice to you to arrange all those people to show up to welcome me to Canberra ;-)

Was great to see you again! Take care of your knee - no more 'splats' ok ;-)

See you next month!

2P said...

Good thing it isn't until May - you might never make it through the river otherwise ;-)

strewth said...

Those choclate and banana sandwiches look divine!! I really enjoyed lunch yesterday too. Hope you had a good sleep-in today after that mammoth run!

D said...

Ouch. That knee looks painful!

Tesso said...

Forget the special Valentine's Day issue Tim Tams (sounds like stamps). I want French-Toasted Chocolate and Banana Sandwiches!!!