Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Concrete hurts.......

Wednesday Total: 21k
Week Total: 49.4k
Month Total: 92.2k
Year Total: 399k

Time: 2hr 5.20min
Av pace: 5.58min/km
AHR: 146; MHR: 174
Av Temp: 18*c (5.48am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 76%
Wind Spd Avg: 12.3kph (ESE)
Started with: Your Woman - White Town
Finished with: From Paris to Berlin - Infernal

(Click on the photo above to see the others)

Yes, its true - the first fall of the year - on a footpath, about 1km from home this morning. After running 20km, most of it off-road and up and down gravelly, uneven trails, I managed to hit the ground on a footpath, in my usual 'splat' style. Concrete hurts.

The run up to that point had been great and in fact its a pb for this course by about 43secs (I know its only a training run...) and then my feet have to go and do something stoopid like this.

So I'm feeling stiff, sore and sorry for myself and am staying home today to lick my wounds (not literally - eeeuuuwww!)


Jen_runs said...


Love the photos though ;-)

Clairie said...

Yeow! I can't believe concrete can be so nasty!!!

Have a nice cup of coffee and put your feet up. Certainly looks/sounds like you need it.

Clairie said...

Heh why does blogger say we posted these comments at 3:41/3:42 pm? It is only 9:38 on my pc clock.

mmmmI'll have to check my blog now.

2P said...

Wow CJ stick to the trails for goodness sake!

Looks very painful - I am going to have to teach you the patented 2P tuck-your-shoulder-and-roll technique.

Take care mate ;-)

Tesso said...

Oh CJ, I don't believe you've done it again. That's looks like it hurts sooooooo much :-(

I bet you thought about how it would affect your training before you even hit the ground. Hopefully it won't have any impact at all.

Hmmm, think Tim Tams would help?

PS BTW, very clever with the photos thing.

Luckylegs said...

That looks terrible, CJ! I can imagine how sore you must feel.

One thing I'm envious of though : how you do that swapping with your photos!

strewth said...

Ouch - that calls for an extra tim tam! You deserve a rest day - hope the stiffness and soreness improves tomorrow.

Ewen said...

So glad you had the presense of mind to have it photographed before washing off the blood.

I heard they're casting for 'Shaun of the Dead 2'.

Try and do the splat early on March 10 and you can wash it off when you swim the river.

iliketoast said...

Sorry, I'm impressed with the photo thiny.

Ouch! Make sure you don't can an infection.

Mat said...

Ooww! They do say that most accidents do occur within only a few kilometeres from home.

Maybe we should always walk the first and last part?

Cool widget!

IHateToast said...

you should run on marshmallows.

and you do deserve chocolate. iiii deserve ice cream for looking at it. it's like a train wreck. i know i shouldn't stare, but i am glued to the photostack.


Tuggeranong Don said...

Oh, CJ what is this? I'm out of the country for a couple of days and return home and what's the first thing I see - blood, guts, and gore. How could you do this??

I went to all the trouble to show you how to fall correctly, land like a fairy, etc and what do you do - make a mess of it! More time on the parallel bars for you my girl.

Seriously, though, this was nasty and not good to see. Take care. TD

Rae said...

Oh wow!! That looks terribly painful!!

R2B said...

Ouch CJ!

Hope you are almost preferably fully healed up?

Hope you have a blast out on the track and our paths cross at some point!

Getting nervous now!