Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Hilda.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? - Hmmm, I was working with the ABS and travelling to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to train interviewers for one of our surveys. Sons #1 and#2 were about to start high school.

2. Five snacks I enjoy -, chocolate, fantales, avocado on sesame crispbread, Red Belly Black's homemade muesli (ok its not a snack but I love it)

3. Five songs I know all the words to - I'm one of those who makes up words when I forget or don't know the words to songs (which is most of them)....ummmm...the happy birthday song, insy winsy spider, jingle bells, waltzing matilda, Its raining men!

4. Five things I'd do as a millionaire - pay off the house, take my friends on a holiday to Italy, buy my boys a house, go shopping!!!, and like Hilda, run marathons in many different parts of the world and catch up with fellow bloggers! (ok technically that might be 6 things..). Then there's donating money to favourite charities.....

5. Five things I like doing - running, triathlons, blogging, getting together with friends, reading.

6. Five favourite toys - Garmin, ipod, laptop, camera, mobile phone (texting, taking photos, organiser, even has a training program!)

I tag Strewth, Cirque, KIT, Rae, DGC, and speedygeoff.


Black Knight said...

Well not my fault, I only infected Hilda!! ...and if you find those millions I could be the touristic guide for you and your friends in Italy (it's free).

Rae said...

Make sure you take me to Italy, too!

KIT said...

Thanks for the tag :-)

That sounded like a tough run... your picture looked like it was out it the desert! Puffy fingers = dehdrated... you would not have been able to drink enough for your loss yesterday if it was as hot as here!

Hahah I am glad I am not the only one whoe sounds psychotic when running! Unfortunately Evil Katie is a BRILLIANT public speaker and can be very convincing! Enjoy your rest day!

D said...

That run sounded rough. Isn't it nice to have it behind you now? Your new shoes are sharp! Normally the shoes that work the best for me aren't cute! It is always nice when they come out w/a pair in a color I like!

RunDave said...

I think you need to go to this website and find out

Hilda said...

Ok, the truth is that maybe I wouldn't be running all of those marathons, but at least watching some of them... (sigh)
So you like avocado... I would love to see one of those aussie ones, the mexicans are so delicious!! I missed them.

speedygeoff said...

I will respond to the tag when I can!