Sunday, January 29, 2006

The 8km run that was really a 6km run.......doh!

I did KIT's trick this morning ie getting the finish line confused! I had thought the run today at Campbell Park was 8km and that was how I ran the course. So you can imagine my surprise when we came around the bend and the finish line was just ahead - I put on a finishing burst of speed (all of 25m!) to get across the line. No wonder I could hear pounding feet behind me; everyone except me seemed to know it was only 6km! Doh!!! *bang forehead on keyboard repeatedly*

Time / weather - 8.53am / a warm and sunny 21.2*C
Session - Thomas Series run at Campbell Park
Distance - 6km (hrmph)
Time taken - 28.08min
Av pace - 4.33min/km
AHR - 170; MHR - 180
Calories - 322
Start Group - 25
Place - 21

Well, as already mentioned, I thought the run was longer than it actually was. I ran comfortably, even from the start, which is unusual for me! The course was run off-road and was a little uneven under foot. I nearly came to grief when I heard some yelling behind me, turned my head to look but also kept on running - no, no, no, not advisable *smack on wrist* I almost tripped and fell.

My average pace per km as follows:
1 - 4.33
2 - 4.38
3 - 4.56
4 - 4.19
5 - 4.28
6 - 4.37
* Garmin Girl actually said that I had run 6.17km so......
the last 166.9m took 34sec at an av pace of 3.27min/km!

I was happy with my run and didn't feel the heat like I expected to, so all that running in the heat on those interminably long runs must be doing something. And because I felt cheated because I had only run 6km, I ran a 4km warm down run with Griffin. Strewth and speedygeoff did start with us but turned back earlier and ran 3km, I think.

*Just downloaded Pump It by Black Eyed Peas - that song has definitely grown on me*

Anyways, my total distance for:
today - 10km
the week: 49.42km
the month: 233.42km

Next week (ie tomorrow) Cycle 3 begins (each cycle lasts a month) - the focus is endurance and anaerobic threshold (yikes!).
The maximum kilometres run in a week will be 100km (double yikes) - week 3
Each week will include:
1 long run
1 medium long run
2 x speed sessions
1 x strides


2P said...

LOL CJ - shows to go ya that time spent on recons is never wasted!

Nice time all the same - glad you didn't fall again - well done mate ;-)

Wobbly man said...

Nice run CJ - despite the mix up. Wow, you were powering on that 4th km!

iliketoast said...

I decided when it comes to the next few weeks it is best not to look!

speedygeoff said...

I thought the fourth kilometre today was much shorter than the third.

(Hint to readers. It may not have been as the six km course was out and back.)

KIT said...

Ohh Cj your so sweet.... sacrafice your race to make me feel better! Don't you hate that and the split second when your brain is madly trying to work out what is happening!! Great run anyway... would have been a great time if you could have had a longer kick at the end :-) My theory is we have stuffed up early... only up from here hehehe

My next month sounds like yours... I was tired just looking at the program!

Lulu said...

Sounds like a tough few weeks ahead but you're just the woman to do it and show them whose boss. Now don't forget a marathon is 42.2km .. wouldn't want you getting that one wrong..

A Girl Running said...

LOL - that is the sort of thing that will happen to me!

Great time :)

RYN: yes we are moving to WA in just over a month. And I now have to wait until March for my Garmin but hopefully I can get the latest model by then

Hilda said...

Great run, CJ!!
Nice and tough workout is ahead.
How are you doing about energy and nutrition? Hope much better.