Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy new year!!!!!!

Ok, ok, so I'm a little behind with my blogging!!!! I hope everyone had a great new year's eve - mine was a quiet one - watched the 9pm fireworks with son#3 then pottered around at home trying out my new purchases until midnight!!! All 3 sons had gone out and Mr CJ is on the other side of the country. Sad, I know, I have no life!

Anyway, rewind to Saturday, New Year's Eve morning:
Session - long run
Distance - 16km
Time taken - 1hr 24.01min
Av pace - 5.15min/km
AHR - 159; MHR - 174
Calories - 669

From what I can remember it was a good run. I started the run at 7.30am to avoid the heat as the forecast was for 38*C (100*F) - not good for running. After the run, shower and change of clothing, I met up with Strewth, JD and MrB for coffee at Bayswiss - this place has the creamiest, thickest cappucino froth and its consistently reliable. After a long gossip and chitchat I hit the shops to check out the after Xmas sales (again - just in case I missed anything!) and managed to buy cargo pants, 2 strappy tops, 1 very girly top, underwear, skirt and belt. Met up with Strewth and MrB again (they had gone home to shower and change) and then we had another coffee at Bayswiss (after Strewth had indulged in a little retail therapy!), where we caught up with MrT and HK. Then it was off to the movies to see Just Like Heaven in airconditioned comfort!

Sunday - New Year's Day

It was hot, hot, hot - eventually got to about 40*C (104*F) and windy. Not a nice day at all. So I did what any smart thinking person without a hangover would do and went swimming!

Session - 600m freestyle; 100m kick; 200m pullbuoy; 7 x 100m on 2.10min; 100m freestyle
Distance - 1.7km

Good swim :-)

Monday 2 January
Week 5 of 18 of marathon training (already!) - start of Cycle 2
Focus - endurance and strength

Session - easy run
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 42.46min
Av pace - 5.20min/km
AHR - 150
Calories - 427

I started the run a little later than usual because I had to take son#3 to the airport - he was heading back to Surfers for another 6 weeks of sun, surf and study! Note we were there in plenty of time for him to check in and to have a coffee - a far cry from the manic dash of the other day!! Anyway on the run my glute was noticeable but not as bad as it has been so fingers crossed its on the mend. I have a very close relationship with my tennis ball - I am often to be found lying strategically on the ball throughout the day!

Monday afternoon - gym
Headed back to the gym for an upper body weights session and ab exercises.

Tuesday morning - run

Session - Steady run plus 6 x 100m strides
Distance - 10km plus strides
Time taken - 54.51min plus strides
Av pace - 5.28min/km
Time for strides (in seconds)- 25/26/26/27/24/24
AHR - 146
Calories - 618

Not much to report - probably a little sluggish this morning. Didn't read my program properly and this run was supposed to be run at 'steady' (ie 4.50min/km) pace but instead I ran it at 'easy' pace - quite a bit slower. Oooops!

Had my regular monthly massage at lunchtime - bliss! It was great torture - she has the greatest hands!!! There were times when she was working on my calves when I had to stifle a yelp but otherwise it was relaxing........in a strange and bizarre way!

Tuesday afternoon - Swim
Session - 300m warm up; 3 x 200m on 4.20min; 100m kick
Distance - 1km

I felt yesterday's upper body weights session in my arms and shoulders when I started swimming but the massage had certainly ironed out some of the tight spots. Improved the longer I swam but decided to call it quits after swimming a km. After all, I'm not swimming the marathon :-)

And if you have made it this far (someone else that doesn't have a life!!!!) then here's an excerpt from an item that was in the local paper a couple of days ago:

Generous Gourmet Gift

Diners at Rocksalt restaurant in Hawker [not far from where I live] nearly fell of their chairs last Thursday night when a man came in and offered to pay for everybody's meals. A spokesperson for the noshery, which is regarded as one of the city's finest, says there were about 8 tables - 38 people - dining at the time.

Apparently the man had been to a charity event earlier in the evening and wanted to take the people attending it out to dinner. When they politely declined, he set out for Rocksalt and paid for the meals of strangers. The total cost came to $1,400.

The benefactor wished to remain, and asked that his act of generosity not be mentioned to diners until they had finished their meals and sought the bill. The response? "They were ecstatic", the spokesperson said. "It inspired one table to donate the amount of their bill to their favourite charity".

A great story! But why do these things never happen to me!!!!


Jen_runs said...

What a great few days you've had!

I love Bayswiss' coffee too - get my coffee there every day!

Hilda said...

I finished to whole story... yes, I don't have a life, thanks cj. lol.
I thought you were there dinning...
I am jealous about that shopping!
Great job you have been doing with all that running.
Fingers cross that glute is doing it better finally.

Lulu said...

Happy New Year CJ. I read it all too.. must have no life either!

Tesso said...

Wow, what a wonderful story about that guy paying for people's dinners. But even better the table who donated their money to charity.

Gee, the world ain't so bad after all :-)

KIT said...

Hey Cj Happy New year! Now we are into the fun stuff!! Week 5 already... scary
Great stroy about the dinner... right place at the right time!!

Rae said...

Happy New Year! Great job on all the workouts through the holidays! I'm feeling a massage coming on myself....

That's such a nice thing for that man to do. I've always said if I win a lot of money I'd like to do random acts of kindness like that!

speedygeoff said...

Happy New Year CJ. I thought maybe you had gone into hibernation with Mr CJ away, but no, you are keeping up a good running routine if not a blogging routine. Don't just watch the countdown rush along, keep busy and enjoy the coffee along the way.