Sunday, January 22, 2006

Damn - she beat me!

Garmin Girl beat me hands down in the long run - I was well and truly dragging my heels. The message that flashed on the screen at the finish was "Goal not met" - hrmph, I did run 34km as planned, just not at the pace I would've liked, which was 5.30min/km. Oh well, another day, another run.

Session - long run
Distance - 34km
Time taken - 3hr 12.39min
Av pace - 5.40min/km
Calories - 2,034
Weather - very very warm; by the end it felt like hell!

Total kms for the week - 80km

Out Stromlo way

I have had better long runs; a lot better. I decided to run out to Stromlo via the cork plantation. I ran on cycle paths for about the first 7km, then offroad for the next 20km, and finishing the last 7km on the cycle path again. Its a very exposed area heading out to Stromlo, ever since the 2003 bushfires, so there is no chance of shade until you're back on the cycle path. Its also very undulating, especially on the return trip so it makes it a very challenging run - good for leg strength and endurance.

I started off in a relatively good mood; I was running slowly and I don't think I ever got ahead of Garmin Girl but I managed to stay within 300m of her until near the end when it blew out to over a kilometer - oh dear! I was still feeling the after effects of the hill session on Thursday (however the physio was very pleased with my progress ie the complaining glute). However, on the return trip my mood became darker the more tired I got, I felt like shite, and then the continuous arguments between Evil CJ and Saint CJ began. Evil CJ kept whispering that I didn't have to run up the hills, that in fact my glute would appreciate if I took it easy - and hey, walking is not so bad, after all it is a hot day. Then Saint CJ would start - she would tut-tut, waggle her finger and pontificate about the virtues of not giving in, just ignore the tiredness and it will go away, don't be so weak, think about the end goal, blah, blah, blah. Not only that, my glute which had been just a little tetchy during the week was working up to a major tantrum - honestly if its not one thing its another lately with my running! Anyway I ignored Evil CJ as long as I could and it wasn't until I was back on the cycle path that I gave in and walked a teensy little bit - though I could hear that evil giggle (honestly, its only Gatorade in my drink bottles and I haven't been consuming any mind altering substances!)

Coming out of the Cork Plantation, before getting on to the cycle path) I have to open and close a gate. What I didn't realise as I was standing there closing the gate was that I was standing on an ants nest, and they were very angry black ants. They quickly swarmed over my shoes and up on to my legs to bite me - ouch, ouch, ouch! I was busy flicking ants off left, right and centre - the little blighters.

The gate!

I finally made it home without resorting to ringing Mr CJ to come and rescue me. He did make some comment about how long the run took and I just put up my hand and said "don't say any more". One look at me and he figured that remaining silent was probably the best and safest course of action to take!

One thing that did bother me was how puffy my fingers were by the time I had finished. What could be causing this? I took GU sachets and 3 small bottles of Gatorade and 1 small bottle of water with me and had drunk them all.

Had a lovely cappucino and fruit salad with yoghurt at Beppe's Tuscan Kitchen later that morning.

Next week's program - Week 8 of 18 - Easy week
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 10km easy
Wednesday - 12km
Thursday - 10km total including 12min fartlek
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 5km
Sunday - 8km race (Vet's monthly run)

The Weirdest Dream

I had the strangest dream Friday night - maybe it had something to do with the thought of running 34km the next morning or the fact that I consumed about a third of a packet of Tim Tam balls before going to bed.

Anyway, it was the Canberra marathon - except I didn't recognise any Canberra landmarks. In fact, it looked like Esperance, my home town in WA. Strewth and I were late for the start of the marathon (no surprises there!) and we were about 2.5km behind the runners when we started. The strangest thing was I was riding a bike with the idea of catching up with the other runners, except I never caught up with them and the gap always remained at 2.5km. Every drinks station I passed reminded me that I hadn't prepared my own drinks and the volunteers were having a party. I don't know what happened to Strewth - she was probably running! Strange, very strange! I hope its not an omen!


Tesso said...

Only one thing to do about that Garmin Girl .... don't recharge her battery. That'll teach her ;-)

strewth said...

And that's one scary dream!! Late for the marathon? I hope not! I think your pace for 34km was great (compared to my pace it was fantastic) - and you ran it, that's what matters. See you at brekkie.

Cirque said...

I think I like evil CJ more. And as for that Garmin girl....has she ever had Garmin glute problems? I don't think so somehow.

TA and the Gnome said...

Maybe you are secretly hoping your legs will turn over as easily as a bike at the marathon. let's hope so :-)


2P said...

I definitely like the sound of evil CJ!

Big run with no shade CJ - more power to you - I'd have whimped it in the heat ;-)

speedygeoff said...

What a nerve. "Goal not met" after such a tough run.

Esperance is a wonderful place. Second only to Canberra, I guess.

With all this good training, I am sure you will go very well after a few easy days.

Rae said...

What a strange dream!!

Maybe the ants were attracted to your scratched knees!!

Great run, way to keep evil CJ in check. I wish my brain would just phase out in long runs, it can be so distracting!!

Hilda said...

You are awesome, how can you keep that pace average for threes hours and under that sun!!
Nice you took this pictures but terrible you found that nest...

E-Speed said...

I think we all have these days. Way to tough it out!