Monday, January 30, 2006

Good intentions...........

The radio came on at 5am...Mr CJ turned it off, yawned, rolled over, and got up. My plan had been to also get up at this time, have something to eat and then head out on an easy 12km run. Hah! Evil CJ was having nothing of that......You're the run after work....its so comfy in bed.......just close the eyes for a little.....

Damn, woke up again at 6am. Couldn't possibly do the run now, have a shower, and meet Strewth and Mr B for breakfast at Red Belly Black. I'll run after work instead.

Good plan until I heard the weather forecast, 34*C. No way am I running 12km in that heat. Ok, let's reconfigure the program. Friday is a rest day but realistically Monday works better as a rest day for me. Usually I've either raced or done a long run on the weekend (sometimes both) so I need a break. Ok, problem solved - Monday is now officially my day off from running, I'll run the 12km on Friday morning instead.

Its amazing really when I think about it - all these thought processes occurring before 6am and even more startling, before caffeine. Scary stuff but that's what marathon training can do to a person!

It was back to the gym at lunchtime today - the first time in over 3 weeks. The plan was to do an upper body weights workout and ab exercises. Where the exercise called for an exercise bench I substituted a swiss ball for stability purposes, so getting more bang for my buck!

* Dumbbell Fly (chest) - 15reps/4kg; 15reps/4.5kg
No problem - managed these fairly easily so will probably increase the weight next time I do these

* Seated dumbbell lateral raise (shoulders) - 10reps/4kg; 10reps/4kg
Hmmm - some work needed here! I found it really difficult after about 5 reps to lift my arms up to the sides, and that was the first set!

* Dumbbell pullover (back) - 15reps/4kg; 15reps/4.5kg
No problems - probably can increase the weight a little.

* Dumbbell extension (triceps) - 15reps/4kg; 15reps/4.5kg
First set was fine. Arms a little shaky after about 10 reps on the second set.

* Seated dumbbell curl (biceps) - 15reps/4kg; 15reps/4.5kg
Love 'em - I've got biceps people and I'm very proud of them! Woohoo! Shame about the rest of the bod but hey, I'm working on it!

Then it was on to ab exercises using Pilates principles - 5 exercises, followed by Devil Crunches, as mentioned on DGC's blog.

After showering, changing and grabbing a protein drink, I headed back to work feeling very smug and virtuous (Saint CJ would've been very proud) and then about an hour later I was ready to have a nana nap. Huh? What's this about being fit and having more energy?!

Tomorrow afternoon the ACT Cross Country Summer Series begins, with a 5km race at Weston Park (yes, I've double-checked the website, Friar's email, and asked around - it is definitely 5km!). I'll be incorporating this into a 11km tempo run, which is part of my program. *Memo to self - don't race hard, race smart!*


Jen_runs said...

Wow, that thought process at 6am sans coffee is amazing CJ. How did you do that? I'd really like to know ;-)

KIT said...

Haha your blog always cracks me up... mainly because it is SCARY how similar we are!!! I have those exact conversations in my head... my evil kit and your evil CJ would be a force to reckon with if they got together!!
Good luck with the 5km... cross country is really fun and feels great on the legs!
I am a recent convert to spin class a recovery after my long run... feels great on the legs- have you tried?

2P said...

I see a best seller in the making - Marathon Training and the Art of Rationalisation ;-)

Sadly only my stem cells work before caffeine.

Wobbly man said...

So nice to know I am not alone with my anti-running demons!

Hilda said...

I didn't know why you were not weight training, cycling and swiming until read that it is for the injury, so instead of stopping you just cancel some other training nice to know!!
Nice job at the gym very good on upper body

Black Knight said...

The anti-running voice is always in my head: too cold, too heat, too windy, too rainy, too early, too later, later is better! I understand very well your feelings. But for me the "get-up" at 06.00 a.m. is impossible! I am too lazy.

Cliff said...

34? hot? then i realize u met celcius. Scorching.

TA and the Gnome said...

Still busy I see. I usually use a 3kg for lateral raises. If I go to 4kg I notice I start using my back to help me and the form suffers. Maybe go back to 3kg for a while and then return to 4kg. Enjoy friday's new run!


Tesso said...

Good luck with the 5k x-country CJ. At least its not in the morning ;-)

Ewen said...

It was beautiful yesterday afternoon CJ. That lovely warmth leaving clothing soaked with sweat just standing still. It didn't stop strewth from doing 13.01km! I'll be back on Friday to make sure you do that run.