Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Drizzle one day; sunny the next...

Merimbula - Main Beach

Ok its not Queensland so its not perfect weather.

We had a lovely relaxing break in Merimbula, despite the 54km I ran over 3 days! The weather was variable - it was drizzling but warm when we arrived Wednesday afternoon, blue skies and sunshine on Thursday, very overcast on Friday, blue skies and sunshine but also a brisk southerly wind on Saturday, and finally very overcast again on Sunday, when we left.

Naturally we checked out the various little cafes in town, looking for that elusive great cappuccino but I have to say, sadly, that the cappuccinos in Merimbula were very ordinary. Great views (of the ocean or the lake) but very mediocre coffee. The biggest disappointment was the coffee we had at Truffles, a chocolate and coffee cafe - we thought getting a great coffee here would be a sure thing but unfortunately the coffee was weak and the froth was very bubbly :-( However, we had 2 very good coffees in Eden, a fishing town a little further south - at Seaview cafe and the Wharfside cafe. I also managed to get a Tofu burger!

Eden wharf

We ate out every night (and for lunch as well, come to think of it!) and every where we went we received great service and lovely food - even vegetarians were well catered for (and at seafood restaurants, no less!). I had an absolutely delicious meal of Tuscan Vegetables at Wheelers Seafood Restaurant, which is halfway between Merimbula and Pambula - gorgeous setting, great food. Tuscan Vegetables was a mix of roasted zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, macadamias, raisins, tiny little figs, among other things. Naturally we had fish and chips our first night in Merimbula (well I had potato cakes and chips) - they were great. Another night we went to Zanzibar cafe at the top of the main street and for dessert I had a Baileys Creme Brulee - yum! It was divine! Another day I had a Baileys and almond gelato. See why I had to run so much!

I also managed to get in the ocean - rather tentatively to start with but surprisingly the grazes on my knees didn't sting. I think it helped!

Anyway, to the running.......

Thursday morning run
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 42.28min
Av pace - 5.18min/km
AHR - 155
Calories - 446

Initially felt some discomfort in my right knee but it improved the longer I ran. It was a very pleasant run along the cycle path to Pambula and return with the sounds of plentiful birdlife in the background. Felt confident of resuming my marathon training once I completed this run. Yay!

Friday morning run
Distance - 16k
Time taken - 1hr 26.22min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 163
Calories - 882

Very overcast and looked like it might rain but it didn't. Ran along the cycle path to Pambula and then crossed the road to follow another cycle path through Ben Boyd National Park to Pambula Beach. There was a short but steepish hill near the start of this particular cycle path - hmmm. My glute and ankle, I am happy to report, were niggle free. They had obviously appreciated the enforced break from running thanks to the fall. Wore my new fuel belt for the first time - this takes 4 small bottles. I found this very comfortable, and while I still endured some chafing, it was nothing like the chafing I got from my previous fuel belt that held one larger drink bottle. Another satisfying run!

Saturday morning run
Distance - 30km
Time taken - 2hr 43.21min
Av pace - 5.27min/km
AHR - 155; MHR - 191
Calories - 1,695

The boardwalk

This was the big one! I felt very ordinary when I first started this run (probably because it was my 3rd run in as many days, and each time I was doubling the distance) and Garmin Girl and I swapped the lead a number of times in the first 10km. I started by running along the boardwalk which runs alongside Merimbula Lake and goes for a couple of kilometres.

Pambula Beach

Then I headed down to Fishpen Beach (or something to that effect) and returned the same way before heading off along the cycle path to Pambula and then the path that goes to Pambula Beach, before returning to Merimbula. There were lots of people out walking or cycling, and occasionally I would pass another runner. One of two cyclists that were obviously doing laps of the cycle path (we crossed paths several times) yelled out "you're very fit" as he went past me for about the 3rd or 4th time. No kidding! I finished off the run by running the boardwalk again and tried to pick up the pace for the last couple of kilometres. It was a long run but I had my ipod for company and the scenery was a change to what I was used to, so that helped.

National Park


strewth said...

Great runs and beautiful scenery - a nice change from Lake Burley Griffin! Well done. Your pace is so good!

Tesso said...

Great pics CJ! And just quietly its been very overcastish up here of late. Not perfect beach weather but great for running :-)

Re the fuelbelt chafing have you tried using Bodyglide around where it goes? Seems to work for me.

Hilda said...

Great post full with photos I love it!!
It seems so nice you could handle to run there on your holidays!
Yes, you should take holidays often!

Jen_runs said...

Welcome back CJ. Sounds like you had a lovely break. I'm glad that your fall hasn't hampered your training.

Don't you just love coming back to work after a long holiday? Not.

miners said...

I love running along boradwalks (they're nice and bouncey) but I don't think I could trust my straight-line skills not to fall off that one in your photo!

Rae said...

That's so nice to get someone to yell that at you! The pics are beautiful, it looks so serene! The food sounds yummy except for the bad coffees.

I get chafing from my FuelBelt occasionally. If I remember to do a bit of Bodyglide around my belly it seems to help!