Thursday, January 05, 2006

A death in the family

Priscilla #2 has died. The largest of the goldfish flipped herself out of the pond on Monday. I found her lying on the paving but I don't know how long she had been there. I put her back in the pond and wiggled her a bit and she came to, sort of - I drew the line at resuscitating, besides how do you resuscitate a fish? By the afternoon she was zooming around and I thought she'd recovered. However, Tuesday afternoon she was lying on the bottom of the pond not looking great. I mentioned this to Mr CJ when he rang and he said leave her, she might recover. Hmmmm... I was not surprised when I looked out yesterday to see Priscilla #2 floating and looking very....well, dead. So, I looked for a small spade to bury her but couldn't find one so there I was with a shovel, digging a hole to bury a goldfish!!! Thank goodness we have a high Colorbond fence!

Back to marathon training.....

Session - Hill repeats
Distance - 11.7km inc 3 x 1min hill repeats (walk/jog down recovery); 3 x 2min hill repeats
Time taken - 51.16min for 9.5km; 14.21min for repeats
Av pace - 5.24min/km (9.5km)
AHR - 149
Calories - 639

Run went well - headed out on the cycle path towards Macgregor. A couple with 2 children went by me on bikes and I thought they looked familiar - then realised it was my friend Viv, her husband and their daughters! Viv had done the same thing as me so we both yelled out greetings behind us. I must catch up with her sometime soon, its been a long time. The glute and ankle presented no problems.

The hill repeats were hard - its been a while since I've done any sort of hill work because the glute doesn't like it. It niggled a bit (and ached a bit for the best of today) - must get on that tennis ball! The 2min repeats seemed to go on forever - in fact, during the first one I thought Garmin Girl was playing tricks on me because it felt a lot longer than 2min but no, I still had about 30secs to go at that stage!

Rest day tomorrow - no running, yay! However, I do have a 26km run on Saturday.

This afternoon

Session - LSD swim
Distance - 1km
Time taken - 21.01min

It was a cool day today and cold in the pool. I didn't feel as though I warmed up at all. I got out promptly after finishing my kilometre, headed off for a warm shower followed by a cappuccino. Its hard to believe that a few days ago we were sweltering in 40+*C weather and now I'm sitting here in jeans and windcheater, thinking seriously about turning on the heating!


Tesso said...

Dunno how you put up with that weather in Canberra! At least here in Brissie its consistent ... consistently hot.

Wobbly man said...

So sorry to read about the untimely departure of your goldfish. Almost sounded like a cat with 9 lives with the rescue but I am sure he is happy in his/her new pond in the sky.

strewth said...

Hey, doesn't our program say the 26km is for Sunday and 8km Saturday?

CJ said...

The program might say that but my body says rest day tomorrow, 26km on Saturday and rest day on Sunday! And she does make the point that it is important to listen to your body and monitor how you are coping with the training and take a second rest day each week if necessary.

strewth said...

Sounds damn good to me!!

Cliff said...

40 degrees sound good when where I am is expecting -8 by tonight.

Hilda said...

You scared me! But I know it really is terrible the lost of a pet, death is always awful.

Good news your glute is improving that much!!
Is the weather always changing that much there in Australia??
26 km on saturday, good luck!

You will enjoy much more after resting if your body is calling and you listen.

Cirque said...

That cool weather sounds gloriously refreshing, except when you're in a non-heated pool. Please pass on Bella's sympathies to Mia about her fall from grace. There's nothing a cat hates more than being embarrassed!

KIT said...

Poor Priscilla!
Good session.... the hills are great for our endurance. I am not a big fan though...I can not seem to get any faster on the up hill- more practice :-)

Sensible to rest when you need it!!!

Jen_runs said...

RIP Priscella.

What a great session CJ; I have a love/hate relationship with hills. I think we all do.

Enjoy your rest day - and don't forget to get that tennis ball out today !!

Susan said...

My condonlences to Priscilla. Great job on the hill repeats.

go girl said...

Poor fish!! Sounds like my place, you know things are bad when your 2yr old shows you where the fish the freezer! The big cold pond and never to return...

Great run btw! Looking forward to your adventures in 2006.

Lulu said...

Poor old Priscilla, she must have thought she was a dolphin or something to have flipped herself out of the pond!

Glad the glute is improving!

Rae said...

So sorry to hear of Priscilla #2, hopefully Priscilla #1 is coping well!!

A cold pool is miserable!!

Have a great weekend!

Luckylegs said...

I know there's nothing amusing when a pet dies, but I have to admit I did smile a little at the thought of you digging a hole with a shovel to bury the poor little goldfish!

Sounds like good running though....hills are just the best thing for building endurance & strength; keep at it & good running for 2006.