Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gotta be happy with this.......

Marathon training update - Week 7 of 18 (OMG!)
Today's run - 10km steady run plus 6 x 100m strides
Time taken - 48.30min
Av pace - 4.51min/km
AHR - 165
Calories - 542

I was a little worried about doing this run because I thought I would struggle with the pace - I'm not an afternoon runner. Mind you, I wasn't a morning runner today either - I needed a double espresso just to get out of bed! Anyway, according to my program, a steady run is one that is "just within [my] comfort zone, but [I] should not be able to chat too much while [I am] running along. They are a step up in intensity from the easy run." And according to Macmillan's calculator a steady pace for me is anywhere between 4.44min/km to 4.52min/km. So I set Garmin Girl for 5min/km pace with the hope of trying to stay under that pace.......AND I DID!!!!!!!

I felt comfortable and strong for most of the run, only going above 5min/km in the last kilometre (5.02min/km). The glute and ankle felt okay *touch wood*.

Once I had run the 10km I did 6 x 100m strides on the local oval. Again I surprised myself by actually running these slightly quicker than I have on the last couple of occasions. I think I should have holidays more often!!!!

So for having such a good run I had a Lindt Lindor ball (or two or three..) tonight ;-)

Monday morning run - start of week 7

Distance - 8km
Time taken - 42.35min
Av pace - 5.19min/km
AHR - 146
Calories - 440

A 'back to work' run - groan! I was so disorganised - having a month off has thrown my morning routine out of whack! I was meant to be meeting Strewth and Mr B for brekkie at 7.45am but I was still at home trying to get organised at 7.40am, and it takes more than 5 minutes for me to get into Civic!

Sunday afternoon run - end of week 6

Distance - 8km
Time taken - 43.01min
Av pace - 5.22min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 162
Calories - 452

The 'post-coast' run. I wasn't going to run but once we got home from the coast, had unpacked, been to the Mall to get some fresh fruit and vegies, I thought a run wouldn't be too bad. Besides Mr CJ was starting to dismantle the Christmas tree (I know, I know...) and I thought making myself scarce would be a great idea! I avoided the spot where I fell the week before - didn't want to jinx myself. (Friar - I don't know why I fell - there might be a slight rise there, I might have been tired, who knows...But as far as cycle paths go, the section where I fell is in pretty good condition).

It is good to be back running :-)


Hilda said...

Sure you have to be happy of this, and back to running.
You are running with a sustained speed which is amazing!!!
Good to have you back!!

Susan said...

Those workouts would make me happy too. Glad you are back running again.

KIT said...

Great run CJ!!! Thats a great time for 10km.... you sound like you have your sparkle back! The trip did you some good :-)

Lulu said...

Glad you to hear your knees are recovering nicely. Sounds like it's all going well now you're back into running. Perhaps a few days enforced rest was a good thing!

Friar said...

Good 10km run.

And the Kaleen Bike Path goes into that great stack of running stories you are accumulating, as another of life's misteries.

speedygeoff said...

I did a straw poll of the people in my house - me, the cat - and we all voted for updated knee photos.

Rae said...

"Welcome" back to work, ugh!! I don't think I would go back if I ever had a month off!