Friday, August 18, 2006


Up at 5.30am, had breakfast of rolled oats and cottage cheese (tastes better than it sounds) and then off to the gym in the 'tank', dropping son #3 off at the bus stop on the way. This morning it was a back and biceps session followed by swiss ball back extensions (I had serious balance problems this morning - could not stay steady on the damn ball), bicycle crunches and swiss ball crunches.

There seemed to be a few more wannabe muscle men wandering around the gym this morning, stopping every now and then to stare into the mirrors and flex various body parts. They seem to move around in packs of 2 or 3 and hang around various machines in the heavyweight section of the gym - its not often you see women down that end. One day I'll venture down there and check out the machines - there are some serious bits of apparatus.

It was a very quiet day at work as most people had decided to take it off for one reason or another. I had Monday off (post C2S) so couldn't really justify another day off in the same week. However I did meet Bec for a coffee and some seriously delicious mini loaf at Coffee Club before lunch (the mini loaf has dates and other good stuff in it - it is delish).

Then at lunchtime I surprised my self by heading back to the gym for an interval session on the bike. For the last few days I have packed my gym bag to do this particular session but somehow always managed to find an excuse not do it. Guess I ran out of excuses today!

Session: bike intervals - basically gradually increasing resistance, holding for 3 mins and then decreasing resistance marginally for 2mins.
Time: 30mins in total
Distance: 13.7km
AHR: 141; MHR: 230 (think there was some interference!)

It was a good session - got the heart rate up and also got very sweaty. Headed off to the showers and managed to lose my soap - it slipped out of my hands and slid several cubicles down. There was no-one around to rescue my soap so I used some slivers of soap that were left in the soap container and rescued my full bar once I had dried off and got dressed (it was just too much bother to go fetch it while I was still showering).

We have finally got the cedar blinds installed in our bedroom. The rest of the house was done about 3 weeks ago but they provided the wrong blinds for the bedroom so they had to be returned and we have had doona covers as temporary window coverings - a really good look - not!

Tomorrow Mr CJ and I are planning on going to the Farmers Markets in the morning for our fruit and veg (and possibly Belconnen Markets to get anything we can't get at the farmers markets). This is a first for us so we're not quite sure what to expect. Then I will make the Apricot loaf recipe that I got from Owl's blog - having tasted it after C2S last week I can't wait to make a loaf. I bought all the necessary ingredients tonight. Then I will do a long run of about 20km around Lake Burley Griffin, and this will be followed by a slice of the Apricot Loaf. Can't wait! (for a slice of the loaf not necessarily the run!)

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend especially to Tesso in the Noosa Half :-). Have a great weekend!


Cliff said...

I hate it in the gym when those wannabe muscle men wandering around...too much smack talk and testostrone in the air..

iliketoast said...

Apricot Loaf training sounds like the extra motivation I look for when doing 20K or more.

Jen_runs said...

I hate the muscle dudes too admiring the size of their biceps. Losers. Just workout & get out of the way boys !

Have a fab weekend !

Tesso said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes CJ :-)

Wish you were up here running it with us, its such a flat and fast course. Perfect for PBs. The weather is already a bit on the warm side though, people were walking around in t-shirts and shorts at 8am!

Tuggeranong Don said...

Nice post, CJ. Interesting what you said about you, the soap and the showers. It's an apparently ordinary bit of detail yet adds to the colour and interest of the post - intrigueing! You mentioned coffee again too. No wonder Tesso wants to catch up with you for it when she comes down later in the year.