Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A horror day

Today was definitely not one of my better days - any gloss from the weekend has well and truly worn off and its back into reality - back to back meetings all day; having to deliver our car to the assessors for damage to be repaired that was not done by us (someone backed into our car in a carpark and never bothered to leave their name and number); allowing someone else to organise the above but they don't get all the details hence I show up at the assessors expecting a replacement car only to be informed that it will take at least 2 hours to get a car and I would have to go to Braddon (assessors are in Fyshwick); expecting to get a small economical car but instead end up with a petrol guzzling tank; a reallocation at work means that I inherit someone else's stuff-ups; and due to a meeting running over time I miss yoga, grrrrr (and tonight is probably the night I really need it). Okay *breathe deeply*

Right, now that's off my chest. I went to the gym before all of the above happened (except for the !@#$% backing into our car) and managed to do a chest and triceps session followed by reverse crunches, v-sit twist with a 5kg medicine ball and plank.

Yesterday I went for my first run post-City to Surf:
Distance - 8.8km
Time - 50.29min
Av pace - 5.42min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 186

Felt okay. However I did an impersonation of a flying goose at one point when I tripped on a footpath - my last fall earlier this year flashed before my eyes and I strained with every ounce of effort and with arms outstretched, trying not to go over and it worked! Somehow I managed to stay upright though it must've looked amusing for the solitary person waiting at the bus stop just ahead.

And to those who left comments - thank you! It was one of the very few highlights of my day.

Tomorrow will be better.......


Tuggeranong Don said...

Tomorrow will be a better day, it always is. But it was still bloody awful what was done to you. And of course, as is the case, you are the one that is left to sort out the mess. Happy to help in some way if necessary.

speedygeoff said...

Re. inheriting stuffups. I remember that well from my working life. I also remember being the inheritee... not as often, of course.

Lulu said...

Yikes, sounds like you definitely needed yoga. That happened to our car last year too and it's very annoying.

Hope the week improves for you.

R2B said...

Happened to my car the other day so i know how that feels!
Sending some positive thoughts your way so heads up now!


R2B said...

Back again CJ i noticed you posted on the black Knights blog so i wrote you an email but in case you don't get it here it is again:)

Hi CJ!
R2B here,did you know that people can't find your blog so they can reply to your kind comments?You need to add the link to your profile page...i don't know how i did it personally but i am sure that Speedy Geoff would be able to help you there.Shame to miss all the encouragement you could be recieving!?
Cheers R2B