Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In reverse

Session – moderate run
Distance – 8.8km
Time – 50.28min
Av pace – 5.43min
AHR – 160; MHR – 225

Just for something different I decided to run one of my regular course in reverse (no not running backwards!). It was interesting how hard I had to think about where I was going and how things looked different running in the opposite direction. In fact, one point early on I found myself turning down a street that I’ve never run down before – why on earth I thought that was part of my regular run, I don’t know. The neurons weren’t firing too well at 5.30am! (and yes, Strewth, you’re right – it is getting lighter earlier in the morning!). Anyways, I was feeling very tired in the legs – it was like running through mud (might have had something to do with the 21km run Sunday afternoon and the legs weight session Monday morning!)

Meal plan (in a quest to stay healthy):
Breakfast – rolled oats and cottage cheese with sauteed pear and sugar-free maple syrup
Morning tea – slice of Apricot loaf with cottage cheese spread
Lunch – serve of Layered Pasta Bake
Afternoon tea – strawberries with cottage cheese
Dinner – Vegie sausage, sundried tomato and asparagus frittata
Supper – WW Chocolate mousse

*not a peanut butter sandwich in sight!

Have also discovered that I am off to Melbourne for work from 19th – 21st September. I’ll be staying opposite the Albert Park Golf Course and Lake so I am assuming I can run around there?!


iliketoast said...

That's a great run around there. It is a little under 5 K.

Jen_runs said...

I'm trying your breakfast receipe tomorrow, sans the sugar free maple syrup which I couldn't find today. Can't wait to try the pancakes but I'm away for the next 2 weeks so they'll just have to wait a bit longer....