Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, sunny Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful day – we are getting rather spoilt with all this spring-like weather but I love it! Now if the warmth could be turned up a notch or two (or ten) then I’d be a very happy CJ. However, the next bout of sub-zero frosty days with winds whipping off the alps must be just around the corner I’m sure.

Yesterday Strewth and I were helping at the monthly vets run at Urambi Hills – a gently undulating 7km course – NOT! That’s why we were helping and not running. This course is one of the toughest monthly runs and after running it a couple of years ago I have since elected to help out instead (wimpy I know). My very important task was to give out the place cards to runners as they finished the long course. Its very interesting viewing the race from this perspective – the sights and sounds you witness as tired runners come hurtling down towards the finish line – with little ol’ me standing back hoping not to get steamrolled in the rush! Fortunately there were a few helpers to ensure that runners finished in some sort of order and I was able to hand out the cards without too much bother (tho’ my hands were frozen and I found it difficult to get them to function properly). Afterwards it was off to Babars for a well-deserved coffee (well it is a very important job handing out place cards!) – mind you, not that I need an excuse to go out for coffee.

I still had a long run to do for the weekend and somehow I managed to find time to nip out the doors after lunch – about 3.30pm. The plan was to run about 20-21km since I do have a half marathon next weekend and I haven’t run that distance since the end of July.

Session – long run
Distance – 21km
Time – 1hr 49.33min
Av pace – 5.13min/km
AHR – 156; MHR – 192

A good run – I ran down to Lake Ginninderra, around the lake and then home again along the cycle path. I had eaten about 7 large Darrell Lea liquorice allsorts (only the best) just before starting out and these repeated on me the entire way – all I could taste was liquorice (possibly not the best pre-race nutrition *LOL*). There were plenty of people out running and walking, with or without dogs, including one person with a little white fluffy ankle biter that was trying to take a chunk out of my ankles as I passed. I was pleased with the run and the fact that I pulled up okay, just a bit tired. However I don’t think I’ll be setting any PBs next week – I haven’t put in any consistent training.

CJ’s Cooking Misadventures (my latest project)

As a result of a 12 week challenge which I finished several weeks ago now I am trying to maintain my healthy eating habits (prior to this I was possibly the world’s laziest vegetarian – toast with peanut butter was my idea of a nutritious evening meal and chocolate goes with everything, doesn't it?!). This has meant becoming acquainted with my kitchen and all its utensils – I am the type of person who will buy the latest whiz bang piece of equipment and then it will spend the rest of its life in a cupboard until I have a garage sale and get rid of it (you know, the juicer, the sandwich press, the waffle maker, the vertical grill - tho, in all fairness, I did inherit that!) For example, we have an espresso machine (used a couple of times in the last 6 years), dripolator, several plungers, and a stove top percolator but guess how we make our coffee – yep, instant! Anyway now that I have a brand new modern kitchen I have decided that I need to be a bit more creative with my meals and so I have been….COOKING! My family have been amazed at this transformation into kitchen goddess (actually that’s probably not what immediately springs to their minds) but I’m still in two minds – a) it’s time consuming and b) it makes a lot of mess (but that might just be me) – so thank god for dishwashers.

This weekend I managed to make the Apricot Loaf, strawberry pancakes (though yesterday I decided to make a strawberry sauce using that Braun stick thingummy I was given several years ago but never used - I somehow managed to get strawberry gloop everywhere – there is obviously an art to using one of these things) and Layered Pasta Bake.

I can’t say I enjoy cooking yet but there is a certain feeling of satisfaction of producing something edible – even if the production is fraught with many little calamities along the way (running a marathon is easier). Anyway the plan is to try at least one new recipe a week.


TA and the Gnome said...

The apricot loaf is staple food in our house and always enjoyed after PT. I'm sure it's important to marathon training ;-), Keep up the cooking - it gives you another reason to run. TA

Lulu said...

You need to educate the family in the rules; you do the cooking and all cleaning up and washing up duties are then the responsibility of those who didn't cook. Then you can make as much mess as you like!