Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One Crowded Hour (and 38.21min)

(with apologies to Augie March)

(have been experiencing problems with our wireless broadband connection *fingers crossed this works*)

Session - half marathon
Distance - 21.1km
Time - 1hr 38.21min
Av pace - 4.37min/km
AHR - 173; MHR - 189
Place - 3rd in age group (woo hoo!) SmileyCentral.com
On Sunday it was the vets annual half marathon. I had mixed feelings going into this run because I have really lacked consistency in the long run category lately. And it probably didn't help having Chinese the night before either - not something I usually do! Anyway I woke to an overcast and cool morning. I had to decide whether to wear the CR singlet and cap or a dark pink short sleeved coolmax top and cap - decisions, decisions! I eventually settled on the pink outfit!

Saw a few familiar faces before the start - Liza, Susan, Kathy, Charlie, speedygeoff, to name a few. And then we were off.

I tried to not go out too fast but boy doesn't ego play such a big part early on!!! Its very hard to let others run past and to hang back but I had to convince myself that the business end of the run is in the last half of the run and that was the time to start passing other runners, not early on.

Susan took off and I was not going to see her again until after the race. Helen also took off and generally she was within view (just, at times) the entire race but I couldn't close the gap. Charlie ran next to me for a while and then she, too, took off and I plodded along behind, also keeping her in view!

However, about halfway around the lake I managed to catch Charlie and pass her. I was getting into my stride now and feeling much more comfortable - I am definitely a long distance runner (the first 10km is such hard work). Passed Carolynne - it was good to see her out there. Said hi to Alice who commented on my pink top! It was a good morning to be out running 21.1km.

Hospital Hill was the last hill thank goodness because I was starting to feel it in the legs by this stage but had about 2km to go, and no hills.

Then I was rounding the bend and heading towards the finish line, feeling cruisey but a little tired. The strangest thing was I crossed the line, turned off my watch, bumped into Roy who asked what my time was, and you know, I had no idea! (I had used the Virtual Partner setting on my Garmin for the race and had set my pace at 5min/km so my goal was to stay under this pace so my time wasn't displayed). I had to scroll through my watch functions to find my time - 1hr 38.21min! Yay! Woo hoo! Not a PB but not bad for a little run around the lake on a Sunday morning!

I spoke to Susan after the race - she had had a great run and had done a PB of 1 hr 36min. This is great because she is in the W55 age group and if she can still do PBs with times like that then this gives me hope! And Maria is in the W50 age group and ran 1hr 37min - really inspiring women!

Today (Monday) I'm feeling just a little tired and a tad stiff in the legs but not enough to stop me going to the gym for a back and biceps workout, followed by reverse crunches, V-sit twist with medicine ball, and plank. Decided to skip running at Parliament House tonight though - sorry geoff :-)


Session - run
Distance - 6.9km
Time - 39.44min
Av pace - 5.44min/km
AHR - 138; MHR - 180

Legs are working albeit slowly after Sunday's run. Shortened the usual route that I run on Tuesdays.

Thought about swimming after work today and even packed my swimming bag with this in mind. However by this afternoon, when it was time to go home, I really couldn't be bothered heading to the swimming pool. The thought of swimming up and down the pool following the black line is just not my idea of fun. Maybe I'll go Thursday morning before work, and then do a run at lunchtime or after work, before going home for the day.

Coming events:
Sunday 10 September, MS fun run, 6.5km
Sunday 17 September, Canberra Times fun run, 10km
Sunday 8 October, Orroral Valley Classic, 20km (still thinking about it)
Sunday 22October, Bulls Head Challenge, 27.3km


Jen_runs said...

Sensational result CJ - congratulations!!

D said...

Wow - great race CJ speedster!

Tesso said...

Big congrats CJ. Sounds like you stayed strong the whole way. And you sure taught your virtual partner a thing or two :-)

PS Luv Augie March!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous run CJ. Must have been the new outfit. Shame you didn't stick around to receive your medal.


Lulu said...

I hope you got some race bling to add to your collection.

I like to hear about women in their 50s running PBs too. It's gives me hope!

Ewen said...

Another bronze medal CJ - well done!

I agree with you - Susan is amazing.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Wonderul result CJ, and 1.38 is damn fast. I can learn something from you about mental toughness. You showed plenty of that by hanging back when the ego might of been suggesting other things. Well done again.

Luckylegs said...

That's really great, CJ! Just proves you were right about the outfit...think pink!

2P said...

Fantastic result CJ and a great report.

Did you know One Crowded Hour was also the title of Neil Davis (war correspondent) biography? - a compelling read.

KIT said...

Nice work CJ!!! It takes patience to hold back in the beginning...but obviously paid off!

iliketoast said...

Very smart running, holding the pace back early. I also liked hearing about those PB's, it gives me hope.