Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More hills……

Obviously I just can’t enough of hill running at the moment. There was the Mt Ainslie run on Sunday, then speedygeoff informs us at running last night that we would be doing laps that include hills (I don’t care what you call them speedygeoff – last night they looked and felt like hills to me!), and then this morning as part of a 10km run I was also doing 12 repeats of Black Mountain peninsular hill. And, get, this is really bizarre, *Twilight Zone music playing* but every time I do these hill repeats the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” song by Cindy Lauper starts playing, just as I’m doing the 2 hill sprints. Yep, at 6.30am in minus 4 degrees I am having soooo much fun sprinting up and down a very long hill – NOT! Actually when the going got tough I imagined speedygeoff running behind me nagging (sorry – encouraging) me on! It was cold – I had about 3 layers of clothing on plus my bike gloves and my fingers and face still went numb and I wouldn’t have been able to talk to anyone because my lips were frozen together. But I did it and before breakfast too. Mind you, by the time I made my breakfast (rolled oats plus protein powder and sugar-free maple syrup – yum!), it went down without hitting the sides! I was soooo hungry.

This morning’s stats:
Session – 12 hill repeats (gradually increasing the pace with each repeat until I’m sprinting)
Distance – 10km
Time – 58.43min
AHR – 156; MHR – 220!

Last night’s stats:
Session – speedygeoff’s session at Parliament House
Distance – 8.6km (from when my Garmin found a satellite)
Time – 55.30min
AHR - 138; MHR - 190

After a 2 lap warm-up around the House we then headed to the flagpoles for a session that involved running down the hill towards old PH and then turning and running back up the hill on the other side towards the flagpoles, increasing and decreasing the pace along the way (I can’t be any more specific because I don’t think I was actually doing it correctly). I have to admit I did improve with each lap but I certainly didn’t warm up – my fingers gradually lost all feeling because I forgot my gloves.

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie


speedygeoff said...

That course is so hilly ,even the flat bits are hilly.
The mantra "today's run is flat" obviously failed to convince either of us. Perhaps positive thinking works, only when it is true?

Hilary said...

Wow you just love torturing yourself with those hills dont you?!! Lol!! You must be sooo motivated to get up and run in minus 4 degrees - I admire your dedication.

Spooky about the song!

Hilary xx

Jen_runs said...

Wow. Awesome session CJ. I'm impressed!

Clairie said...

CJ, go and see a DR or physio or something.

They may be able to help you with your insane habit to enjoy your hill running. Not sure what the cure is but hopefully they can talk you through it.

Good luck!

Selina said...

Hey Cathy!
Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a nice comment :)
Yay!! I've found another runner!! I'm into hills (sometimes!!!! LoL) as well. I did a king of the mountain run a month ago so did heapsa training, but won't be touching one for a bit now!!!
I totally admire your dedication for running in -4 degrees... I rarely do AM runs in winter, and I'm in Qld!!!

BeanieBum said...

Hills, -4C, hills, listening to 80s music, oh and hills... very, very impressive stuff CJ! :)

Rae said...

Great job with all the hills!!!