Thursday, June 22, 2006

Working my butt off?

Wednesday morning

After the site meeting with our architect and builder I managed to fit in the hill repeats. I had been to the gym the day before for a hard leg session (leg press, hamstring curls, lunges with dumbbells) so my legs were feeling a tad weary. However the spirit was strong so I set off for a 15min warm up which took me to the bottom of the Black Mountain peninsular hill. There were 12 hill repeats with the 7th and 8th being sprints – it was probably at this point that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” popped up on my ipod. I don’t know about having fun – its not a lot of fun when the lungs and legs are burning from the effort of sprinting uphill, but it did spur me on!

Distance – 10km
Time taken – 58.49min
AHR – 144; MHR – 201

Yay! I survived the session.

After seeing Mr CJ up to the day surgery unit in the afternoon I went to the gym for a chest/triceps and abs/core session. It was a great time to go to the gym – everyone had gone back to work and I had my choice of equipment.

This morning
Interval session

Session – 6 x 2.30min efforts (1min RI)
Distance – 6km
Time – 30.53min
Av pace – 5.12min/km
AHR – 156; MHR – 192

Surprisingly I could still run after all the leg work I’ve been doing lately. This session was done in the dark (its still very dark at 6am these days) so I wore my headlamp – what a handy little item it is. However I have to say that now my butt and my legs are so sore – DOMS has definitely set in. So I have literally been working my butt off – well at least I hope so! ;-)

"It is the `follow through' that makes the great difference between ultimate success and failure, because it is so easy to stop." - Charles F. Kettering


Susan said...

ok . . . now i feel guilty . . . i must start doing things . . .

strewth said...

And all that was followed by a great brekkie and chat - ty for your inspiring company this morning!

Hilda said...

What a nice team to watch!!

miners said...

How do you find the headlamp is during the speed work? Does it stay in place?

Tesso said...

Like Susan I'm feeling guilty too. The stuff I do at the gym is so girly. And I usually avoid leg work.

I chatted to a visiting Canberra runner briefly this morning. She said she's a Customs Jogger but didn't know you. Sorry, she was off before I could get her name.

Rae said...

Great job!!!! It's so strange to think we're in completely opposite seasons right now!