Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The best laid plans……

I had worked out the perfect training plan for this week – everything slotted perfectly into place and I was happy. Then life got in the way……

Yesterday, Monday:
Noon – easy run with a work colleague, 6.5km
Pm – gym session

Hmm, yes, well it started well – the run at lunchtime was great. We ran the Barbecue Stakes course very gently. It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed it. Then I left work in the afternoon, all set to meet my gym instructor and do an upper body weights session. Fine, except I forgot my shoes. The girl behind the reception desk said in all seriousness; “you’ve got closed toe shoes on haven’t you?”. When I nodded she said “Well you could wear them”. (I kid you not!) I just shook my head – I’m sorry but shorts, t-shirt and ankle boots with heels was not quite the fashion statement I had in mind. And she was serious! Okay, so no gym session – I decided to have the evening off.

Am – hill run
Pm – cycle intervals

Ok, no hill session because I got a call from the builder asking if I could meet with the painters early in the morning. I decided to bring the cycle intervals forward and do them before breakfast (ohmigod, what a hard session to do before eating. I focused on the fat burning that it surely must be doing!) The gym session I missed yesterday I would do after work.

Am – gym session
Pm – long run

Ooops, forgot – Mr CJ goes in for day surgery tomorrow afternoon so looks like the long run might be out. Never mind I will move that somewhere. Then a call from the architect – can we have a site meeting early in the morning because she has another meeting afterwards. Right, the planned gym session with the instructor is canned yet again but I will go to the gym later in the morning. Will try and fit in the hill run sometime in the afternoon, in between getting Mr CJ to the hospital and then collecting him afterwards.

Am – swim
Pm – yoga

Actually this will probably work unless Strewth has other plans for the morning – I hope not! But I might have to fit in a long run at lunchtime as well.

Am – gym session

Looking good but I might also have to add in the interval session at lunchtime, otherwise I’ll have to do it on Saturday.

I am trying to keep this as my rest day *fingers crossed*

Mt Ainslie run, 9.3km.

"How committed are you? There is a remarkable difference between a commitment of 99% and 100%." - Vic Conant


strewth said...

Guess what! I have to be in the office by 8.15am Thurs as we have a meeting in Tuggers by 9am and need to leave b4 8.30am. This could mean either a very quick brekkie or an earlier start for swimming. How about 6am instead of 6.30am??

Hilda said...

Your training is climbing up again, is there a tri on the way now?

Hope you manage to fit the missed workouts :)

iliketoast said...

Still can't work out why you wouldn't do the gym session in the wrong shoes ...... but I think you should have done by also tucking your T-shirt in your shorts and hiking them up as high as you could ... now that would have been a look!