Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ten commandments of running

1st Commandment: Thou shalt not run so soon after eating

I broke this commandment yesterday afternoon and very nearly lived to regret it. I had an interval session to do after work so I scoffed down my afternoon tea about 3.15pm and then promptly forgot I had done this. At 3.45pm I was out the door starting my run and for the first 8 x 2min intervals, I felt fine. But then it hit – waves of nausea, indigestion and basically feeling like s**t. I was sooooo relieved when I finished my run and immediately started to feel better when my stomach contents weren't being jiggled. This is something I don’t normally do – generally I eat about an hour and a half before I run but yesterday I wasn’t thinking – probably had something to do with the amount of work I had and the thought that I had to fit in a run somewhere. Never again!

I have no idea what the other 9 commandments might be – suggestions welcome!

Monday morning

Session – gym – legs/arms plus abs/core exercises


Session – long run

Distance – 14.7km
Time – 1hr 20.28min
Av pace – 5.27min/km
AHR – 152; MHR – 169

It was a really good run – it really was a ‘fun’ run – non-runners think I’m mad calling any run fun but this one was. It was a lovely morning and I ran around part of Lake Burley Griffin and then home. I’m so glad I decided to run first thing in the morning because the wind picked up later that morning and it ended up being a bitterly cold day.

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream ~ Author Unknown


Cirque said...

That's a very good commandment! Maybe you should start a commandment poll and come up with the definitive top ten.

iliketoast said...

#2 .... ha #2 .... ok i'm the only one laughing cause i know what it is ....

#2 Do not eat "banned substances" on the evening prior to a race ...

Curry, Spicey Thai, etc

KIT said...

#3 Do not go out into the pouring rain for a run dressed like it is summer!

Glad you held it together... like me never give up your food!!

Hilda said...

Well about food, mine are pretty obvious but still to remember..
Do not run if you ate a hamburguer 4 hours before...

Another one could be: Do not run with children 7 years old...

E-Speed said...

I hear you on the eating thing. Good on you for suffering through it!