Monday, June 19, 2006

Goal achieved: 16th female and a PB!!!!!! :-)

Distance: 10.12km (maybe that takes into account where I started in the pack)
Time: 45.20min (8sec PB!!!!)
Av pace: 4.29min/km
AHR: 172; MHR: 188

1 - 5.07min/km (conservative start)
2 - 4.39
3 - 4.26
4 - 4.31
5 - 4.25
6 - 4.21
7 - 4.18
8 - 4.21
9 - 4.28
10 - 4.12
11 - 4.29 (0.12km - 32sec!)

I had a great run yesterday at the Terry Fox 10km fun run. Believe me, it was fun – I thoroughly enjoyed my run. Its days like that that make me really appreciate my running. My goal was to place in the first 25 women so I could have my time officially recorded. Saw Flash Duck, Strewth, Mr B, John Boy, Allrounder (who I might say had an awesome run), speedygeoff, Katie (speedy goose?) and Running Girl. It was perfect running weather. I started conservatively and a fair way back in the starting pack – I have decided I need to start slowly and come home hard – works for me. Mr B accidentally(?!) tried to nobble me not long after the start by treading on my foot and I almost got my legs in a twist! Fortunately I managed to untangle myself and keep on running, keeping a respectable distance between me and Mr B!

Naturally I was listening to my ipod and it was playing a lot of 80’s music such as Break My stride, Round and Round, Counting the Beat, etc – as you can see, perfect running music! Heading towards the turnaround point I started counting the number of women that were heading back to the finish and it was looking a bit worrying –there seemed to be quite a few ahead of me, including Allrounder. I started to pick up my pace for the second half of the race and would try and catch the next woman in front of me. Fortunately I picked up quite a few running in a group not long after the turnaround and then after that it was one or two here and there. The hills didn’t bother me – my legs felt really strong and I felt so comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire race. And to come in 16th woman topped it off – it was a great morning! And……wait for it….I didn’t have the post-race pancakes with maple syrup. But I did have a coffee! :-)

Well done to everyone else who ran – just getting out there and doing it is an achievement in itself.

How did others go over the weekend? Did anyone else run…in any event, or even a training run?

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." - Herman Cain


Isabelle said...

Hey CJ, was nice meeting you yesterday :) and yes it was a great day. I also stayed away from the pancakes, they did look very yummy.

Like I said when you passed me a bit after 5k, you seemed very focused! I tried to keep up following you, but I was too tired. I didn't know about the top 25, or i probably would also been trying to pass those ladies near me at the end, lol

I crossed the line at 46:24 gun time, they got my time a few seconds wrong in the paper(46:30), there was many ladies coming in at the same time and seems like they were confused with giving up the numbers. It doesn't matter, I did manage to 'just' make the top 25 at position 25, hehe

See ya around

Isabelle - Running Gal

allrounder said...

good work CJ...i was surprised i managed to stay in front of you...but how about that finish through the walkers?!...must admit i didn't have the pancakes either (but i did have maccas later!!)...

Clairie said...

Great run CJ. Thats some brilliant splits and how about that 4:12 in there at a km when others would be tiring!!! You deserve to be very happy with yourselve.

Me personally - I would have had the pancakes :)

TA and the Gnome said...

Awesome work CJ and what a bonus to enjoy it as well :-)


Tesso said...

Congrats on a great run CJ!!!! How good is it to achieve a goal. All that hard sweatsky at the gym has paid off.

speedygeoff said...

Well done CJ. BTW, the first km of Terry Fox is always the fastest even with a really conservative start, being downhill all the way.
I didn't know Mr B was so competitive, has he been learning from the Aussie soccer players?

strewth said...

Woo hoo - great run CJ and a well-deserved placing. I must have a word to that Mr B!!

Hilary said...

Hey CJ - fabulous result!! 16th!! woohoo!! How awesome that you felt so strong and comfortable - it would have killed me!! lol!

Well done on staying away from the pancakes too!

Hilary xx

Jen_runs said...

Sensational result CJ - well done!

I would have gone for the coffee AND the pancakes though ;-)

Hilda said...

How enjoyable sounds in your words to do it, what a nice achievement!

KIT said...

What a great effort CJ!!! A pb as well... yeah!! I agree 100% so nice to enjoy the run :-)

Ewen said...

Yes, that's worth six exclamation marks.