Friday, January 21, 2011


Well its been a while but I'm back....again. Please no laying bets on how long this creative phase will last! I will take it blog post by blog post, so it might last one day, one week, one month, or god forbid, one year. But notice - I always come back! I drop in occasionally to say hi.

Anyway, its day 5 of marathon training. If you'd ask me yesterday how I felt I would've said shattered - I felt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck. Hmmm, not good, considering it was only day 4. That's how much out of condition I am with running, despite the fact that I ran the Hobart half marathon not that long ago. I'm indebted to Mick for getting me across the finish line!

I'm training for my 9th Canberra marathon. The original goal was to run 10 Canberra marathons with Strewth and gain Griffin status. The reason for this was because there weren't enough women on the list. But of course with all the kerfuffle that happened last year I'm not sure that the Griffin list even exists anymore. But I will do the 10 Canberra marathons because that was our goal. of course, Strewth, being the speedy goose that she is, does her 10th this year and I'll be cheering her on!!!

This morning the program said 10km with 10 x 1min hill repeats so that is what I did - well I ran 9.65km but that's close enough. I'm still figuring out my new whiz bang Garmin 310XT and I had made a custom workout for the hill repeats but then couldn't figure out how far I had run in total until I had finished the session. Confused? Well, trust me, I couldn't. Another issue I am having with the Garmin is the calculation of calories burnt. Ok it may not seem such an issue for many but I like to know whether I can consume that Magnum classic icecream guilt-free or not! It seems to be calculating a very low figure compared to my old Garmin 301 and the Polar HRM.

Today's session: 10km inc 10 x 1min hill repeats
Actual distance: 9.65km
Time: 56.53min
Pace: 5.53min/km
Cals: 372
AHR: 141; MHR: 165

Not pretty but its done and dusted. Actually I did do 11 hill repeats because I hit the wrong button (the Stop button rather than the Lap/Reset button) when it came to jogging back down the hill after a repeat. Just some of the issues I have to work through as I become acquainted with my new Garmin.


Johnny Dark said...

Best of luck with your marathon training Cathy.

See you in Canberra.

CJ said...

Hi JD! Its been a long time hey!

strewth said...

Yay CJ - welcome back! It's so cool to have you blogging again. You have such a good base that you will get in the swing of this marathon training lark in no time! See you out there :)

CJ said...

Hi Strewth - I don't know, I'm out of practice with marathon training. Even the thought of doing a run of over 30km scares the living s**t out of me at the moment!

Ewen said...

You're alive! I like the new profile photo. Must be a triathlon as runners don't do that hand slapping thing ;)

If it scares the s**t out of you, then train for the 5k like me!

Guess what? Strewth did a CJ in her house this morning but there were no photos. Does it count as a CJ?

Jog Blog said...

Great to see you back in blog-land CJ and to see you today.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again - still in Broulee. We've got a website now - check it out!

Liza :)

CJ said...

Hey Ewen, a 5km scares me even more! You have to runn too fast for the whole way - painful.

CJ said...

Hi liz - it was great to catch up on Saturday. Hopefully it will become a regular thing. There's nothing better than coffee with friends after a run.

CJ said...

Hi Liza - long time! What's your website?