Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I ran 10km yesterday afternoon around Lake Ginninderra. It was hot and I was slow. I was also having tummy problems for the first half of the run so not fun although the second half of the run did improve. I think Mr B passed me on his bike but I can't be sure. Also saw Carolynne out running as well.

There was a toilet stop part way round the lake. I tentatively opened the toilet door hoping there wasn't a big hairy spider sitting on the other side. There is one particular toilet block by the lake which is like a huntsman hideaway, there are so many of them on the wall, on the ceiling, under the washbasin....... But there was no eight legged hairy arachnid hiding on the other side of the door. Though I didn't want to look too closely at the walls - they blend in with the colour scheme and there was one hiding in the corner.

There were quite a few people out running so I wasn't the only silly one. It was one run I was very happy to finish. Then I went for a 4km walk with Mr CJ.

Session: easy run
Distance: 10km
Duration: 55.46min
Pace: 5.34min/km
Cals: 395
AHR: 150: MHR: 169

This morning I backed up with a 12km run from home down to the lake and back home again. I wasn't going to be caught doing another run in the heat of the day. It was muggy and overcast when I left home but the cloud had burned off by the time I headed for home and was starting to warm up rapidly.

Note to self: remember to charge Garmin. It died at the turnaround point so I have no idea how long the run took, as I didn't take notice of the time when I left home. It was actually nice running without timing the run, for a change.

Distance: 12km

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Ewen said...

Easy run? You were a minute a k faster than us!