Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speedy Geese Monday night session

Well I did it! I showed up at the speedy geese session at Parliament House last night. It has been a couple of years since I've been there so it was a bit daunting returning because there are so many new people there that I don't know.

And it was a lot of fun! Ok I probably didn't over-exert myself on the hill sprints but there was a very good reason for that - my dodgy hammy really doesn't cope with too many hill sprints at any speed. Still it brought back a lot of memories of running around the tracks, running up those grassy hills and catching up with familiar faces. So yes, I will be back for more!

Session: warm up, hill runs, attrition hill sprints (I was mostly a spectator) & cool down
Distance: 8.6km
Duration: 58.36min
Cals: 336
AHR: 133; MHR: 167


strewth said...

It was great to have you back CJ. Much more fun with you there :)

CJ said...

I'm glad I showed up - I had a good time.

Jog Blog said...

ooooh .... you've got me thinking .... I might re-visit the Speedy Geese sessions as well. Hmmmm....

Ewen said...

Good that we'll see more of you - I didn't get time to say hello - Ruth had your ear the whole time!

The hill sprints will be over soon. Maybe we'll be doing the exercise stations - you can show us how many chin-ups you can do.