Monday, January 24, 2011

Character building

Saturday was my long run so it was an early start so I could get it over with as I had a busy day ahead. I decided to run over one of my favourite routes which takes me behind Hawker and Cook, through the Aranda bushland and into Black Mt nature park. Its a beautiful run but I had forgotten how hilly it is! Runner's amnesia - a bit like mothers after giving birth! Well I soon discovered how out of condition I am for hill running. What is it they say? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well in that case I will be superwoman by the time the marathon comes around! Or dead!

Anyway I'm glad to do the run early because it warmed up very quickly and I was searching for shade as I along and up as the case may be. I distracted myself by taking in the scenery and the flocks of magpies, parrots, cockatoos and galahs, and saying hi to the occasional walker. Never saw another runner though.

Session: long run
Distance: 24km
Time: 2hr 25.35min
Pace: slow

The best part by far was the coffee I had when I caught up with Strewth, Ewen, Andy and Liz afterwards at the War Memorial. Makes all the pain, the huffing and puffing, the sweatiness and all the thoughts of "why am I doing this" just disappear.

Sunday run
Not as early as Saturday's run after all a girls gotta sleep in once in a while, but it was still done before the day got too hot. Nothing to report - very uneventful. I thought of my brekkie the entire way as I was hungry!

Session: easy run
Distance: 8km
Time: 44.59min
Pace: does it matter


Jog Blog said...

I think the post long run coffee is the incentive for most of us when we are out there huffing and puffing on Saturday mornings!

strewth said...

Oh yes I do agree. The excellent company and coffee afterwards makes it all worthwhile:)

CJ said...

I so agree - its certainly my motivation! And the company just makes it so much better!

Ewen said...

But you all left before Jennifer arrived!