Monday, November 27, 2006

Take 2......

I wasn’t sure if I’d be pushing the friendship by running again this morning but I really want to get back into my training routine and I usually run on Mondays (I can see the head shaking and finger waggling already!). I was up at 5am (it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve done this) and out the door for a 11-12km run. *Fingers crossed* the running gods are not cranky with me…….

Distance – 11.3km
Time – 65.55min
Av pace – 5.48min
AHR – 137; MHR – 203 (that's the shock of getting out of bed so early and inflicting exercise on my body at such an ungodly hour)
Started with – Good People – Jack Johnson
Finished with – Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters

I am suffering some DOMS (would you believe!) so its lucky tomorrow is a rest day. However, I am a bit unsure whether to tackle the Mt Taylor run on Wednesday – admittedly it would be slow but because I’m running by myself I could take my time; walk even. Do I; don't I; will I; won't I? Think I’ll wait and see how I feel tomorrow and then make the decision tomorrow night.

ihatetoast - a butterfly cake is a cupcake that has had the top cut off, then filled with jam and whipped cream. The top that has been cut off is then cut in half and the 2 halves placed in the cream to mimic wings. The cakes I made were also dipped in chocolate (of course) and rolled in coconut before doing the above steps.


2P said...

Mt Taylor? Was ist das Mt Taylor? - now my interest is peaked :-)

Good to see you running CJ - you are back to nice pace already - guess I'll stick to flattish lake circuit...

Friar said...

Maybe I can do the BBQ Stakes First and then join in The Mt Taylor Run.

Clairie said...

Don't push it CJ but if you are up for it go go go.

Just remember, don't make your decision based on how you are feeling, make it based on how you think you will be feeling halfway up the mountain. Big Difference.

Often we can start things and halfway through realise the error of our ways......well I do all the time :)

Lulu said...

Yummy, those cakes sound devine.

Really pleased to see you back out there. Don't over do it though... no relapsing please!

Ewen said...

Clairie's advice is good.

By the way, walking parts of Mt Taylor is fine - good practise for 6' - you'll be doing lots of walking at 6' ;)

Tesso said...

CJ, I've run up Mt Taylor and its far from easy! Maybe I'm one to look for excuses but I reckon I'd be avoiding it for another week or so until I was on top of things.

IHateToast said...

ooh ooh ooh... then the chrysalis would be your finger after you've swiped the sides of the bowl for batter!


oh, i'm sorry... did you mention something about running... and a taylor? and gods? i just remember food

Black Knight said...

When will I be able to run again 11.3 km? I have pain everywhere. Very interested to that cake.....I love chocolate and whipped cream.