Friday, November 24, 2006

Hit by a double whammy

For the past couple of weeks I've been hit by a double whammy - first a horrible virus thingy which zapped all my energy and left me feeling, and looking, like death warmed up and then when I was at my lowest, the worse sinus infection I have ever had. I have never felt so sick, so blah, so utterly horrible as I have for the last couple of weeks. Now I'm dosed up on super strength antibiotics so *fingers crossed* I am on the road to recovery. I HATE BEING SICK!

I have had plenty of rest, more than enough sleep, have done absolutely nothing (apart from a few days work here and there) and I am bored. I need to get better and I need to get better NOW! I want to go back to the gym and start running again..yes, even hills. I feel like a big fat lump of more positive vibes please because I need to get better now!

Have a good weekend!

ps thankyou Strewth for the Haigh's dark chocolate frogs - they are, sorry were, very moreish!


Luckylegs said...

Oh, CJ, so sorry about the 'double whammy'! One whammy at a time is more than enough to contend with. I'm sending you a special vibe that cures everything immediately!

You are better NOW!!

I'll see you at the track next Thursday.

speedygeoff said...

The antibiotics work! take it from me. Just a few days.

Tesso said...

You poor thing. This has dragged on for so long. There are lots and lots of positive vibes coming your way from The Sunshine State.

I'm sure those Haigh's dark chocky frogs will do you the world of good. Have you tried the dark chocolate peppermint ones? Don't!!! They are waaaaaay too good.

Talk care. Can't wait to you are blogging running stories once more.

Ewen said...

Trent's Hill is still there CJ. It's waiting for you to get well.

Black Knight said...

Enjoy the positive side: plenty of rest, more than enough sleep, have done absolutely nothing! Please get well soon and come back to the running world.

Tuggeranong Don said...

We missed you at Tuesday night's MSSC meeting, CJ.

You went down a long way with this thing, which just means the upside is going to be great - a stronger and more resilient CJ.

I am sending some positive energy your way as well.

Friar said...

Strength of mental toughness will surely help on your road to recovery.

Get better and better.

iliketoast said...

i agree with the black knight ... i'm sure the rest will be good for your body and you will appreciate it when you are going again

Johnny Dark said...

I'm sure you'll soon look back on this period as just a minor setback on your journey towards 6ft.


Hilary said...

CJ I hope you are feeling better by now! That feeling of being hit by a truck is just awful, but at least you have been taking it easy and getting plenty of rest.

Hope those antibiotics are kicking in now and you're feeling like your old self again!

Hilary xx

Lulu said...

Yuk, that sounds horrid, you poor thing.

Lots of positive vibes for your speedy recovery are coming your way. Glad to see Strewth is looking after you with some serious chocolate!