Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long run - the stats tell it all

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s)
6:46 pace

Moving Time (h:m:s)
6:21 pace

Distance (km)
Moving Speed (kph)
9.4 avg.
24.5 max.

Elevation Gain (m)
+1,058 / -1,052

Avg. Heart Rate
150 bpm
Zone 4.1

Temperature (°C)
14.7°C avg.
16°C high

Wind Speed ( kph)
ESE 11.1 avg.
ESE 13.0 max.

When the going gets tough, the music goes on. And the music went on fairly early in this run! I was tired to start with, and it never got better. We ran the rollercoaster, up past the hermit's grave, up Mt Majura and up Mt Ainslie - notice, there were lots of 'ups'. There were times when I enjoyed running and there were times when I hated it with a passion - fortunately, those feelings never lasted long! And I did sleep well that night!


2P said...

Geez CJ - you are one tuff chick....

Tesso said...

Great work CJ - you got the benefit of a long run along with a hill session. Maybe you should have thrown in a few sprints to really round it out ;-)

Bernie G said...

That's one tough run, it's money in the bank for 6Foot.

Hilda said...

You are such a strong runner, that sounds tough!!!

Clairie said...

Blimely! That's a great solid run there CJ. When I do a long run I run flat, my hilly runs are short. I can't imagine what a 3hr hilly run in Canberra would be like. That is just obscene!

Well done and hope the legs are recovering.

IHateToast said...

it's hanging around all those feds that makes you a total nutter!

Ewen said...

The hermit's grave!! That's sacrilege CJ. It's the grave of Trent North! He raced the 6 foot track in the mid-80s and asked to be burried near his favourite training mountains.

That was clever - taking your i-Pod so you wouldn't have to listen to Steve the whole way round ;)

CJ said...

Actually tesso there were a couple of sub-5min kms at the end - I think I was excited at the thought of finishing!

Ewen, thanks for setting me straight on Trent North's grave - I didn't know that. And he did SFT....?

So thanks for the comments everyone - it was a tough run, my legs have recovered and I'm about to repeat it all again this week. Geez, I'm beginning to think this is harder than training for an Ironman. I must be mad!

Ewen said...

They were more like 4:30kms according to Steve!

Trent is 'alleged' to have done 6'. His legend continues to grow.

If you get your iron levels fixed it will become easier. 6' has an elevation gain of 1,900 odd metres - all after the Cox's River.

Jen_runs said...

Geez, CJ. You are going to KILL Six Foot - I think you've got 2P running scared ;-)