Friday, November 03, 2006

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there

Wise saying! I went to Track at the AIS again last night –two weeks in a row. First up was the Pennington/GM 3,000m. This is a handicapped race – on age and gender. The only other woman in my age group was Elaine Cooper, who is only the fastest woman in the Vets (I think), runs like a gazelle, and won this event! I was tempted to hang on to her singlet for the 7 ½ laps! Which brings me to the number of laps – I lost count, got confussed, was it 5 laps I’d just run, or am I coming up to my 5th, do I have one lap left, or was it 2? How can I focus on running fast when I’m trying to work out how far I’d run round in circles? Anyway, I think I ran it a touch slower than last week though still felt comfortable.

Then the rain came down again – it had been stormy and raining on and off since lunchtime. I had been debating running in the 1,500m but the downpour made up my mind – coffee was a much better deal! The final event of the night was the 5-lap spiral handicap. This was fun and I couldn’t lose count of how many laps I’d run because after each lap you move over a lane – easy!

So that was my second week at Track – did I enjoy it? Well…….yeah, maybe!

Thursday morning – easy run
Distance – 11km
Time – 63.21min
Av pace – 5.45min/km
AHR – 140; MHR – 201

I surprised myself by feeling okay after yesterday’s hilly run so this run was very comfortable. Admittedly there are no hills – makes a nice change. Besides I knew I had Track later in the day so didn’t want to do anything too stupid.

This morning – gym (aka Testosterone Central!)

I lay in bed this morning thinking how much nicer it would be stay there a bit longer and skip the gym. Then the self nagging started, the guilts set in and eventually I got up because I couldn’t stand the internal chatter any longer! Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy! Made it to the gym for a back, biceps and abs session. This morning there seemed to be a lot more grunting, puffing, huffing and the occasional yells happening – and no, it wasn’t me! Must be a big weekend coming up for a few of the guys, the way they were lifting the weights this morning!

Tomorrow – long run
Sunday –
Rest day


2P said...

I reckon right before Adam invented guilt he invented running (probably Eve's fault) ;-)

Tesso said...

I have that same problem running on the track. You really need two watches, one set on a lap counter and the other on the lap timer.

Well done on backing up after the morning run. Dunno how you can hard in the evening after a morning run, even if it was easy. I'd prefer the other way around.

Ewen said...

I had a good chuckle and, at the same time was excited, by that small paragraph about your possible enjoyment of the track. Go CJ!

Not bad after 11k in the morning.

strewth said...

And roll on Sunday!!

D said...

Look out CJ - you might just end up actually liking the track. Well done on the run!

IHateToast said...

when i was a kid, i'd visit my grandparents up in indianapolis. my granddad had had a heart attack and was told to exercise more. with all that was available to him on the outside, he chose to do laps of the dank basement. go figure. but to keep track, he'd walk with a certain amount of pennies in his pocket and hand. he'd drop one off after each lap. nutty. we're talking 20-30 laps (GO OUTSIDE!)
BUT.... BUT BUT BUT when i had to run laps on a track, i did the same thing. 8 laps? 4 pennies. all in one hand. switch 1 to the other after a lap, then lose it on the second. repeat. as long as you're doing something after each lap (moving the pennies along) you dn't have to keep track. and fewer pennies meant the hands didn't stink (because we all know that after 8 laps IIIIII wasn't stinky any place else.)

anyway, i've used other things. twigs broken into smaller pieces, wee pebbles... i just can't remember where i am if i don't have help. perhaps you should get chocobits your gu pocket and have one per lap.

Lulu said...

My gym was full of grunting men the other morning as well. I don't why they bother when half the time their technique is really poor.

That's what i tell myself when I have to take off all the weight they leave loaded on the machines.

Black Knight said...

If you want to persuade a friend to begin to run, don't say that he/she could also run on a treadmill or the track!

Hilda said...

My weight training is not going right but at the time I'm training with Jillian Michaels DVD that despite lasting only 30 minutes, seem to work pretty well and is giving me the chance to renew my energies to start with the weights room later. It is always good to make some changes :)