Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4.30am start

I was actually awake at 4am this morning but lay there checking the clock every 5mins because I refused to get up before 4.30am. Then I was up having toast, banana and sugar free maple syrup for breakfast plus my regular caffeine shot. I was feeling okay and seemed to have recovered from the 2 runs I had done earlier in the week so was feeling pretty confident about my run this morning.

Distance – 15km
Time – 1hr 33.15min
Av pace – 6.13min/km
AHR – 148; MHR – 188
Started with – That’s all lies – Jet
Finished with – Deeper water – Deadstar (pretty much how I was feeling by then)

The run was basically the Barbecue Stakes run with Mt Taylor in the middle. Started off well but once I hit the hills I was struggling and I hadn’t even hit Mt Taylor proper. Clairie’s comments came back to haunt me – especially the bit about the fact its not how you feel before the hill but how you feel halfway up the hill – and I hadn’t even reached THAT hill! So I did some SFT walking training interspersed with running.

The doctor’s comments of ‘run within your comfort zone’ also passed through my mind. Only trouble was my comfort zone this morning was an easy 5km loop near home not struggling up Mt Taylor, so I was way out of my comfort zone!

Anyway I soldiered on, very slowly, and made it to the top and then down the other side. The rest of the run was uneventful……fortunately.

Mt Tennant on Saturday? I don’t know, might be pushing it this week.

I have boot camp yoga (my term) after work today. Forget visions of lying back relaxing, gently moving into poses and holding them before languidly moving into the next pose. The class I go to is more along the following lines:
“Move into xyz Pose – hold; bend deeper; stick that shoulder in; hooooold that pose; push the hip out; relax; move the thigh thataway; breathe; and lets do all that again….and again….and again.
Ok, now we will do xxx pose (some gravity defying pose); hooooold that pose; push up higher with those hips; relax those shoulders; straighten the legs; breathe; and we will do that pose again…..and again….and again.”
And so on it goes for 90 mins, fortunately with a relaxing session at the start and at the end.
I’m toooo tired for that!


Ewen said...

You could always run with the friendly slow group at Molonglo ;)

Tesso said...

Yeah, maybe one mountain a week is enough :-)

I must hunt down some of that sugar free maple syrup.

ILoveMapleSyrup said...

you and tesso are nuts! sugar-free maple syrup? you don't violate a beautiful maple tree to then change the sap! that's wrong. canadians and u.s. new englanders are taking up arms. dem's fightin words, missy!

sugar-free maple syrup...

slap slap slap! that does it! it's carob and only carob for you!

okay, all the abuse aside... you still coming up in januberry?

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2P said...

Nice work CJ - unfortunately I wasn't feeling too chipper Wednesday morning (must have been something I ate Tuesday night....) but I did do the lap of the lake Wedensday night - Mt Taylor sounds great though..... well done mate.

Anonymous said...

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