Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That was the sound of the weekend and the public holiday passing, no reference to my current running abilities! Where did the weekend go?

Still I managed to fit in cycling (on the trainer), swimming, a gym session and crosstrainer intervals and meet Ewen and Strewth for coffee, and meet up with Jen, mango and mini-mango down from Sydney and support mini-mango in the Enticer tri. That's probably some indication why the weekend seemed to flash by. It was good to catch up with Ewen and Strewth for coffee (no arm wrestling involved). I love catching up with friends for coffee, it would have to be one of my favourite activities! Saturday was a hot afternoon to be doing any sort of physical activity, let alone a triathlon but mini mango acquitted herself very well in the heat. She has an amazing finishing sprint to the finish - she has a great running style. Also saw TA and Gnome, also down from Sydney, as TA was competing the next morning in the sprint tri. Its not often I go to watch a tri these days but when I do I have to admit a little part of me wants to be a part of it again. Fortunately most of the time that feeling disappears once I leave the tri!

I was one of the few that worked Monday and I must admit when I woke at 5am on Monday morning, the thought went through my mind (barely functioning as it was), why hadn't I taken the day off? Then once the caffeine hit had 'hit' so to speak, I was up, dressed and out the door for my run. This week I am concentrating on running for distance rather than time so by the time next Sunday rolls around I will have run 3km. Since when did 1km get so long?! I kept checking my watch, thinking that maybe I had programmed the wrong time in but no, I was on track to run 1km.

Monday's run session: 3 x 1km (1min RI)
Time: 26.30min (doesn't include cool down)
Total distance: 3.78km
Splits -
1: 6.20min/km
2: 5.55min/km
3: 6.12min/km
Calories: 199

Hmmm, I could hardly be mistaken for a speedy goose at the moment, more like a grounded pelican!

It was lovely to be able to sleep in yesterday (Tuesday). I was not one of those queuing up down at Commonwealth Park or wherever for the Australia Day breakfast. On a normal Tuesday I would be at the gym at 6am for a weights session so to be able to lie around and have a leisurely breakfast suited me just fine. Shame I can't do that every day. However I did go to the gym in the afternoon and thoroughly caned my legs with barbell squats and lunges and one legged leg press which was all well and good until it came to doing the cardio session on the xtrainer. By then my legs were dead and it was the hardest, slowest session I'd done in a long time.

No surprises with the Triple J Hottest 100 - news had already leaked the week before that Mumford & Sons were number 1 with Little Lion Man. The top 10 was a good selection, my favourite would have to be number 10 - Florence & The Machine with Dog Days Are Over. Time to download some new songs.

This morning it was back to a 5am start. Having the day off yesterday is messing with my mind - I keep thinking that today is Monday and that yesterday was Sunday. Mondayitis twice in one week - how strange! My run today was 2 x 1.5km and again it seemed like 1.5km went on forever - 3km is going to feel like a marathon at this rate! It was a lovely cool morning, great for running. I could definitely feel the after-effects of the squats etc from yesterday - ouch! So far I've not developed any strange aches or pains with my return to running; so far, so good, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that.

Run session: 2 x 1.5km (1min RI)
Time: 29.02min
Distance: 3.94km
Calories: 207
Splits -
1: 6.06min/km
2: 6min/km


speedygeoff said...

And just like that, you are the founder of the grounded pelicans, which will take off as a spin-off from the speedy geese. Along with the flapping ducks.

strewth said...

Yay, love it. Can I be a 'grounded pelican' too? My running is still slow in spite of longer distances. It was fun on Sat and of course more of the same for me on Sun was good although we missed your company of course! It'll be fantastic to see you back at the Vets' Handicap next Sunday. You're looking good! :)

Two Fruits said...

See you on Sunday.
Strewth, she always looks good.

Ewen said...

Her arms are looking good Strewth ;)

Coffee catch-ups are one of my favourite activities too - so much that we had to do it again for the 'big' tri Sunday morning :) Glad you're resisting the urge to join the dark side again.