Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little by little…..

Day 4 of my return to running and it was uneventful, for which I should be grateful because it means everything is holding together as it should! This morning the session involved 8 x 1.30min running and 30s walking, again around the oval. It was cool although not as cold as yesterday, and I'm sure in another day or so I will be wishing for these cooler temperatures again. There was not a soul out and about except for one other woman walking her dog. I guess everyone else was still home, tucked up in bed as any sane person would be at 5.30am. But I would've thought there would be a least a few other people out walking their dogs or running, new year's resolutions and all that. Anyway, the distance is slowly increasing and hopefully by January 31 I can run 3km non-stop, so Ewen, you don't have to worry about me beating you just yet! I've also renewed my xcountry membership and plan on doing the Summer Series as the distances are doable - most are 5km events.

Today's session: 8 x 1.30min run; 30s walk
Time: 30.19min
Total distance: 3.89km (run total - 2.54km)

Now that I have gone back to catching buses on a daily basis I have a gripe and its about 'seat hoggers'. These are the people who put their bags next to them on the seat obviously to deter people from sitting next to them. And by bags, in some cases this can mean just a shoulder bag but can include several other bags. Even when the bus is full they remain oblivious that there are people who would appreciate being able to sit down. And its surprising the number of people who won't ask if they can sit down but continue standing rather than make a fuss. Yesterday afternoon there was a 'seat hogger' sitting in front of me with all her bags piled next to her, playing with her ipod oblivious to the number of people getting on the bus. And when someone finally had the gumption to ask if she could sit down, the 'seat hogger' had a silent tantrum - it was hilarious. She grabbed her bags and dumped them with great flourish on her lap with much pouting of lips, tossing of hair and furious tapping on the ipod. If she could've stamped her feet she would have. Hehehe. Quietly I was gloating!

In a response to previous comments about tight glutes - there are tight glutes aka as a great arse, and tight glutes which just cause all manner of grief and injuries. Unfortunately I know nothing about the former and way too much about the latter.


Troy Holm said...

i really dig your stuff. i'm still pretty new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it. but when i come across blogs like yours, i dont feel like i'm wasting my time. haha. anyway i'd like to talk more and maybe you could give me some pointers on how to improve my page. i'm computer retarded. i don't know how to "decorate" or do much. so. . i'm at: . follow me so it'll be easier for me to find your blog. thanks for your time. keep up the work!

Friar said...

Good to know you are back blogging, don't let others push you too hard in the early stages of youra return to running.

Take it easy, and run wisely.

Two Fruits said...

I always get a seat to myself, I haven't had anyone volunteer to take over. And I put my bags under or behind the seat.
You are right, most passengers don't make a fuss, and would rather stand than cause a scene. Luckily if that happens it's all caught on " Funniest Bus Video "

softshoeshuffle said...

Hey CJ great to see you are on the mend. Slow and steady and all that stuff......

I loath the seat hoggers and as is my nature I take much delight in picking them out and watching them squirm, it make a long bus trip go much faster. Surprising how quickly they move their bags when you drop in unannounced! lol

Ewen said...

I'll make it a point to thrash you in as many Summer Series races as I can before it's too late.

Remind me to check out your former next time I see you.