Friday, January 29, 2010

Stairway to …………..heaven?

Memo to self: maybe using the stairs after a punishing gym workout, devised by my trainer, is not a good idea. It was a struggle getting up four flights of stairs lugging the backpack and shoulder bag and it was with great relief when I reached the door to our floor.

This was after my weekly session with the PT and she never ceases to amaze me with the creative ways she conjures up for a hard workout. This morning it was medicine balls and kettle bells to start with, and those cursed push ups. Then on to regular weight machines before finishing with decline crunches. I was sweating, I was hot and I was hurting but in a good way.

Wednesday I went swimming. It was a busier night than usual and so there were a few people in the lane I chose. The session was 12 x 50m (20sec RI) followed by 400m kickboard. Occassionally I was stuck behind someone doing back or breastroke but generally it was fairly orderly. As I had a 20sec rest interval at each end of the pool, it allowed the breast/backstroker to get a little way ahead and then I made it a goal to try to catch them. It helps to pass the time.

I so wanted to sleep in this morning, it was hard work getting up so early. I lay there and lay there but finally I couldn't stand the internal warfare going on in my head so I got up, mentally waving the white flag. I ran 3km in the slightly foggy conditions (weird) and it wasn't that bad and it didn't seem to go on forever, as I had imagined it would. It was at tortoise pace but I'm comfortable with that. It was quite warm too, which seemed weird combined with the fog.

Distance: 3km
Time: 18.31min
Pace: 6.09min/km
Calories: 166

So I'm all set for Sunday and the short course run at Campbell Park - at least now I know I can make the distance!


strewth said...

Fantastic - go CJ - and afterwards we're going to coffee at Carlo's - do hope you can come!

speedygeoff said...

Pelicans, tortoises ... doggone, I see a theme developing here! Frogs too. O, no, that's fogs.

Two Fruits said...

Did you see on the news that Lleyton Hewitt had his right hip operated on a couple of days ago by a surgeon in Hobart ? Would that be the same doc that seems to have worked wonders on you as well ? If so, you found a good one.

Ewen said...

What was your excuse for missing coffee?! Another gym session?

Looked like you were moving at well under 6 minute k pace when I saw you.