Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life's too short for…..

Skim milk cappuccinos…..blah, blech, ick, eeeewww, yuck, blanching at the memory.

(This was meant to be posted yesterday - ooops)

So why, you might ask, did I have a skim milk cappuccino if I feel so strongly about them? Well, I thought it would be better for me, as you do when you're trying to be healthy and reduce things like saturated fat content etc. However that was definitely my one and only skim milk cappuccino…ever..and in future when I do have a cappuccino it will be the real deal, saturated fat content and all! I figure that as I don't really have cappuccinos all that often its not really that big a deal. I always swore I'd never drink skinny caps and I can see why now - eeewww, yuck!

Yesterday (Sunday) I did my weekly 45mins on the bike and even at 8.30 in the morning I was soon sweaty and dripping. There will come a time when I will have to take my bike off the trainer and actually ride it out on the road. Hmmmm, soon. So I pass the time on the bike by listening to my ipod and not allowing myself to look at my watch until I've listened to 11 songs - usually by then I am close to doing 45mins. Otherwise I am forever looking at my watch - it’s a bit like "are we there yet?"

In the afternoon (Sunday) I went to the pool to do my 500m freestyle followed by 500m using a kickboard and fins. Eventually I will increase the freestyle and decrease the kicking until I am swimming 1km. This will take time but what's the hurry. It wasn't too crowded in the pool and I managed to swim the 500m without getting stuck behing anyone or being swum over by impatient swimmers. I can't believe how hard it is swimming 500m - it really is hard work. I'm waiting for the day when I cruise through the swim…well, at least swim it far more comfortably than I am now. By the time I got to the kick stage of my swim, there were a few more people in my lane and I did get stuck behind a swimmer or two but by then it didn't matter. I don't mind cruising along with the kickboard taking in my surroundings, observing swim styles of other swimmers and the not feeling so bad about my own style. Then on the way home I bought myself a magnum icecream to have after dinner - one way of curing the Magnum demons dancing in my head! (and I thoroughly enjoyed it)

This morning (Monday) at 5.30am I walked down to the oval to do day 3 of running. Its getting darker in the morning and it was quite cool too. This morning I did 8 x 1.30min of running with 30sec walking which equated to 1.91km of total running distance. No problems with the running but it is getting repetitive going round and round the oval avoiding the sprinklers. I remembered to do some stretching at home and must do more tonight as my hip flexors and glutes are very tight which is contributing to lower back pain.

And today (Monday) just got better - I have just had a dark chocolate coated dried apricot. Well actually it could - I could have another one…or two….well it does count as fruit and is chocful of antioxidants! Actually with the amount of green tea I drink at work, I should be brimming full of antioxidants - I won't rust!

Ihatetoast - you and everyone else would be running better than I am at the moment!


Two Fruits said...

Before Ewen has a chance to write it, we like girls with strong glutes. Makes for a neat package in a pair of jeans.

Ewen said...

I wouldn't have said that! I was just going to say she could arm-wrestle those swimmers out of her lane ;)