Sunday, January 31, 2010

Campbell Park - a highlight in a blah weekend

Event: Frylink 3km, Campbell Park
Star group: 18
Finish: 7th
Time: 16.52min
Pace: 5.37min/km
Cals: 164

Even though it wasn't an exceptionally early start for today's vets run at Campbell Park, I still had to set the alarm. Why? Because for the last nine months I've been able to sleep in on Sundays and normally I don't get out of bed before 9am! Lucky these events only occur once a month ;-)

I was running in the short course event, the Frylink, which was a 3km event over undulating and uneven ground. This has been very different to the surfaces I've been running on for the last three weeks. I was put in group 18.

It was a good run - I felt comfortable and seemed to be running okay. Even the small hills didn't bother me. I was grateful I was running the shorter event though because it was quite warm out there. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to be able to catch up with a few of them afterwards over fruit and coffee, including my favorite running companion ;-). Everyone seemed to be running really well (having just checked the results on-line) so I have lots of work to do. I was running quicker than 6min/kms Ewen, which goes to show what happens when you run with a group of people. And Strewth would have beaten me if we'd been in the same event!

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Carlo's for coffee - believe me, I would've loved to. Next time......

And yes, Lleyton Hewitt did have the same op, done by the same doctor. He also had the same op on his other hip in 2008. Me, I'm planning on avoiding having to go through the procedure again.

A certain physio doesn't know this next run will be the 5km cross country event Tuesday afternoon.

Otherwise, the weekend was blah - I had literally run out of ooomph. Yesterday I swam in the morning - I felt fine. The session consisted of 12 x 50m (20s RI) plus 400m kickboard.

In the afternoon, I went to the gym and I had to force myself to do each exercise and not wimp out. My motto is "just do it" - I know, I know, a certain sporting company uses it but it really is an effective little saying. Don't over-think or over-analyse, stop dreaming up excuses - just do it. Anyway I finished the session and did my cardio but it was hard work. I went to bed early last night because I was so tired. This afternoon was almost a repeat, not that I went to the gym but I was so tired and drained. I'm really hoping this feeling will go away and I'll wake tomorrow feeling refreshed.


strewth said...

Well done CJ - that was a great first run back and it was so good to see you out there again. You have been missed! Did you go to the movies? We ended up going to Avator (3D) last night and really enjoyed it though it was a very late night (again)!!

Two Fruits said...

Well done back running again, next month you may catch Strewth & Ewen. You'll have to let us know who your favourite running companion is ?
I did 30 push ups today, gotta get more done than Strewth.
You will certainly need to manage this recovery, plenty of sleep, don't over do. Go girl, you have been missed.

Ewen said...

I've only just recovered from the shock of you missing coffee.