Thursday, November 05, 2009

Your time starts now…….

(with apologies to Masterchef)

Gary: The workout today is a tough one, designed to challenge you to your core, to push your boundaries, test your endurance and fire up those muscles until they burn. Do you think you are up to the challenge?
Matt giving 'that' stare' down his nose: You will be up against the clock and you will have 20mins to complete the workout. Are you ready for this?
George, punching a fist into an open hand: we're looking for passion and energy and fire in the belly. Serve that up to us and we'll be very happy.

(CJ to camera: the workout today is a challenging one - its on the crosstrainer, aka the elliptical trainer. The workout includes a 2 min warm up and then I have to increase resistance to L8, go hard for 2 mins and then increase resistance again to L12 for one minute. I have to do this 6 times. So yeah I'm a little apprehensive, given I've done weights workouts on consecutive days and Xena caned me in yesterday's session).

Gary: your time starts…….now! (doing chopping action with hands)

The legs are a little slow to start - they're feeling heavy and sore from the weights session yesterday, and this is only the warm up. Pump up the music, I'm going to need it. Watch the people below in the pool to take my mind of the awfulness of how I'm feeling. Ok, warm up finished - up the resistance and go hell for leather…………what's with the air con, or rather the lack of it?……… it time yet? (glance at monitor - still have 45 seconds to go on first interval)…….ok, up the resistance to 12……….now it feels like striding through mud…..or glue……..back to L8…...funny, its not feeling so bad at this level now…..

(Camera pans to clock: 15 minutes to go)

Gary and George wander over for a chat: so tell us what you're doing.

Well, I've completed one interval session and starting my second. As you know, I have 6 interval sessions to complete in 20 minutes.

Gary and George, look at each other with a raised eyebrow: So you don't think you have bitten off more than you can handle? You'll want to make sure your technique doesn't falter or your pace slow down. Good luck!

(CJ to camera, looking a little hot and sweaty now with a rosy glow starting to emerge: both Gary and George wandered over to see how I was going. It was something I didn't need at that point - I was trying to stay focused on the job. I think I'll be able to finish the session in the time frame but I'm hoping my pace won't drop off or that I'll tire too much. We'll see…..That clock is really distracting)

More than halfway through the session now - feeling pretty good. The pace has picked up and the legs are feeling strong. Its hot but that's to be expected, given the resistance and intensity. The music is rocking, that always helps. Must remember to drink. Grab the towel, mop up the sweat pouring down my face.

(Camera pans to clock - 3 mins to go)

Gary, looking up at the clock: Okay, watch the pace - you have three minutes to go, chop chop! (he always states the bloody obvious).

Now I'm definitely feeling hot under the collar - will the legs maintain the pace?, is it possible to put in more effort?, will I be able to finish it the way I started? (well actually better, I hope. I do recall a slow start)

George: 1 minute to go - you should be thinking about finishing up

Last minute at L12 - resistance seems to have got harder but pushing through the pain barrier. But I think I can do this - I just need to hold it together a little longer.

Matt: Time's up! Step away from the machine. Your workout has finished.

And the verdict?

I'm Queen of Cardio! (punch air with fist) Another session completed…..and obviously I have way too much to think about while doing my workout on the crosstrainer!


Two Fruits said...

That little fat mouse is enough to frighten any descent cat. And Xena is enough to frighten any descent sized male. I'd be scared of her at least. And probably scared of you now from all that weight training. How good must you look now. Well done, keep it going.

Ewen said...

The queen of cardio and the star of a new TV series - Master Crosstrainer!

Xena was OK - it's her girlfriend I was scared of.