Thursday, November 19, 2009

The deed is done

As I write this I am sitting back in bed watching Ellen on TV. Daytime tv has a lot to answer for. I now know about twi-hards and that Bella and Edward are the new 'hot' names and that New Moon is sending million of females world wide into a frenzy........apparently.

I had the arthroscopy Monday afternoon and was allowed home Tuesday afternoon armed with my 'really useful' crutches. Rehab has included quantities of dark choc and Magnum icecreams. Along with panadol, feldene and endone......

I have some pain and swelling but hopefully this will get better over the following days. Once the pain and swelling have gone then I can ditch the crutches.


Jen_runs said...

Take care of yourself CJ. And I am a firm believer that chocolate has extra special recovery powers when consumed on the couch :-)

IHateToast said...

so, are you team jacob or team edward?