Wednesday, November 25, 2009

*Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle ........

The weather is heating up again - currently 33 degrees at 3pm.

You can tell I'm stuck at home - three posts in 3 days!!!

I have just completed my second 10 minute session on my bike, having completed the first 10 minutes this morning. Also, started an upper body circuit session using body weight or medicine ball - managed one circuit this morning. It was a little cumbersome at times moving from one exercise to the next but I managed it without any discomfort.

Watched Masterchef last night - it was hilarious! It was the return and revenge of the croquembouche. You had to feel for poor Alex Lloyd as he tried to construct a croquembouche but it was still bloody funny! His 'creation' that he presented to the judges was priceless but hey, he gave it a go. To stuff up so badly on national TV - for some people their ego just wouldn't allow them to even try something so far out of their comfort zone or to continue when they knew things were going so badly (and there a couple of times when Alex almost walked out). So good on him for trying - I don't think I'd like to recreate the croquembouche. At least not with everyone watching!

Tonight is the final. Who will be Australia's first Celebrity Masterchef - the model (Rachel), the swimmer (Eamon) or the musician (Kirk)? My money is on Rachel but then I've never been very good at picking winners.

*Lyrics from "Bicycle Race" - a single by the rock band Queen. It was released on their 1978 album Jazz and written by Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury. The song is unusual for a Queen single in that it shows off the band's humorous side. Among other comic moments it has a middle eight which features bicycle bells. Fans would often replicate this at Queen concerts with their own such bells.

To release this song Queen staged a bicycle race with 65 naked women. The video was originally banned and subsequently re-edited with added special effects to censor the offensive imagery.

It was released as a Double-A side with the song "Fat Bottomed Girls". A crudely retouched photograph of a naked cyclist from the bicycle race was used for the single cover (now sporting a bikini bottom) (Wikipedia).


Ewen said...

Be careful not to get your mall dress caught in your bicycle chain.

Two Fruits said...

We heard about the "dress" on Sat morning. Ewen rides a motor bike not a real bike. You don't wear dresses on a bike. Good luck in Melb with the doc. Hope the news is positive.

Ewen said...

Yes, dresses work OK on a motorbike. Strewth said you'd be wearing the mall dress at the next coffee gathering :)

Two Fruits said...

Let me know when the coffee is on. I'll be there just to see Ewen's eyes light up.

CJ good result in Melb. take care now with the return.